#Deeper Dives

Jay Z Vs. Nas: The Story Behind The Last Great Rivalry In Hip Hop History


In the early 2000s, they wanted to wipe each other off the planet. Here's the full story of their legendary beef.

waka flocka flame

Hilarious Rumor: Gucci Mane Axed Waka Flocka Flame From His Label Because Of Selena Gomez


The rumor mill, she is swirling with reports that Selena Gomez is what caused Gucci Mane to kick Waka Flocka Flame out of Brick Squad.

rap beefs

Not Just Nicki: 10 Other Rappers Express Their Feelings About Hot 97 In Their Songs


Nicki Minaj was set to perform at Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert on Sunday when she pulled out at the last moment, at Lil Wayne’s behest (he owns the label.


UPROXX Discussion: The Best And Worst Rap Beefs Of All-Time


The other night a friend and I were discussing the current beef between Common and Drake and my friend made the assertion that it may be the worst beef of all-time.

Rick Ross

The Kreayshawn/Rick Ross Rap Beef Appears To Be Over Before It Even Started, Sadly


In my brief time as editor around these parts, I have done everything humanly possible to avoid the mere mention of Kreayshawn's name, mainly because the mere mention of Kreayshawn's name inspires me to stab myself in the eye repeatedly with a toothpick.

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