Holy Crap, The Karate Rap Exists

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Earlier today, Uncle Vinnie over at FilmDrunk <a href="">introduced us to a vintage film that is near and dear to my heart, Miami Connection,</a> which is about an 80s rock band that moonlights as ninjas in order to clean up the streets of Orlando and its terrible cocaine trade.

Rap Music

Oklahoma City Thunder Rap Anthem 'Blue And Orange' Not Set To Wiz Khalifa, Amazingly

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When you see a fan made rap playoffs rap anthem titled "color 1 and color 2" you think they're gonna do the same <a href="" target="_blank">'Black And Yellow'</a> everyone else does, but I guess Wiz Khalifa is old and busted and Eiffel 65 samples are the new hotness because here's Jesse Pinkman, Skinny Pete and Badger doing their 1999 techno best to rap the Oklahoma City Thunder into the NBA Playoffs.


Stop Being So Perfect, Jon Hamm

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Because we’ve unintentionally decided we’re only going to talk about people on AMC and NBC shows today: here’s a clip of Jon Hamm rapping about "Taxi" with Reggie Watts from the upcoming podcast-turned-talk show “Comedy Bang Bang,” which premieres on IFC on June 8.


Dan Marino Is An Elderly Philanthropist And He Wants To Help/Impregnate You


Dan is right: when you're a multimillionaire, turning 50 is no big d.


Set Up A Quarantine: These Poor People Have ‘That Aggie Swag’

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Because nobody learned from <a href="" target="_blank">UGA's 'The Dawgs Are Comin' For You'</a>, here's a bunch of Texas A&M's least coordinated white people doing choreographed dances to a hip-hop anthem about campus locations and semi-national burrito chains in Lawrence Knox's 'Aggie Swag'.

#christopher walken

Hey Buddy, Eyes Up Here

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This video really should've ended with the camera zooming in too far and falling off the pedestal.


Tiziano Crudeli Is Going To Kill Himself Because Of What's Happening In Soccer


This is basically what I look like when I'm watching 'The Wire'.

#Kanye West

Skee-ball Golf And Friday Morning Links


The only way this is actually skee ball is if the guy who runs the course has to come over, open it up and fix it every 15 minutes.


Serengeti's 'Don't Blame Steve' Is Dope, Name Checks Kyle Farnsworth

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Fan songs -- not just the ones <a href="" target="_blank">people record in their garage</a>, this includes the ones that are <a href="" target="_blank">professionally produced</a> -- are almost always terrible.


Why Hello, Kate Upton's DirecTV Commercial (And Morning Links)

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(via <a href="" target="blank">BroBible</a>) I'll be spending Monday sitting at an airport/sitting on an airplane back to Austin, so please be exponentially less bored than me by perusing the morning links and/or watching this commercial on loop for the next 20 hours.


Space Jam? Space Jam.

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This is the video for "Hit Em High" from the Space Jam soundtrack.


Russian Billionaire Performs Pitch Perfect Russian Rap Parody On Russian Television


<a href="" target="_blank">Russian billionaire/oligarch</a> and New Jersey Nets owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, recently appeared on Russian "comedy" show Projector Paris Hilton in what was apparently an attempt to even further deepen my appreciation for the performance of <a href="" target="_blank">the dude in the DirecTV commercials</a>.


Thursday Morning Links Are Well-Informed, Extremely Political

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Is the Muslim Brotherhood trying to assassinate the Emperor.


Therapeutic Pug Massage And Morning Links

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A nice counterpoint to the heavy stuff I wrote about yesterday.


Morning Links: A Penny For Your Thoughts, A Five To Keep It Live


I tell people that "God" by John Lennon is my favorite song, but it's really this.

#game of thrones

Hanley Ramirez Is Passive-Aggressive For Powerade (And Morning Links)


I can't wait to see @MrBrandonStroud on TV swing by as it misses the ball by a foot.

#arrested development

Ping Pong Dog Enjoys A Good Match (And Morning Links)


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