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Producers Of Daniel Tosh's Animated Series Scramble To Remove Numerous Rape References Before Its Comic-Con Debut

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WELL LOOKIE HERE -- the pilot episode of Tosh's new animated series, Brickleberry, is set to debut at Comic-Con tonight. What's it about? Well, according to someone who has seen it, "most of the pilot is about rape." Uh-oh.

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Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch would like to report a Ninja Turtle sodomy

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It turns out that metaphorical rape is an equally-opportunity crime, from which neither men nor women are safe, which is what makes it perhaps the biggest threat facing melodramatic crybabies today.

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Courtney Love says the Muppets raped her

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Just weeks after Kim Novak took out a full-page ad in Variety saying "I'd like to report a rape" because of a Vertigo sample in The Artist, Courtney Love has become the latest public figure to accuse a film soundtrack of violating her.


Japan’s Red Riding Hood has Nudity, Werewolf Rape

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If you watched Amanda Seyfried in 2011’s Red Riding Hood, thinking, “Eh, this is OK, but I could use more violent girls flashing their boobs and werewolves acting all rapey” then you’re in luck, because Japan already heard you loud and clear.


Vertigo star Kim Novak says ‘The Artist’ raped her

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Michael Hazanavicius's The Artist has been winning rave reviews and awards for essentially being a movie about classic Hollywood that's also an overt homage to those movies, including an audio reference to Bernard Herrmann's famous score from Hitchcock's Vertigo during a climactic scene.


Deliverance’s “Squeal like a pig” guy is raping angels in Heaven now

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In the annals of cinematic male rape, even before Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, there was Deliverance, which forever entered "Squeal like a pig.


‘Real World’ Star Sues MTV, Claims She Was Raped With a Tootbrush

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Tonya Cooley was a member of 2002's "Real World: Chicago," and since then she's appeared as a Playboy Cybergirl of the Week and starred in Cinemax's The Erotic Traveler 02: Lost in Ecstasy (sounds good).


Brandon Meriweather Has Bad Houseguests

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It’s been a pretty rough year for Chicago Bears safety Brandon Meriweather.


Who Knows More About Tiger Blood Than Mike Tyson, Am I Right Folks


The above image is an ESPN illustration from a Page 2 piece called "Charlie Sheen vs.


‘Random Task’ Convicted of Gun Rape, Could Get 15 to Life

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Joe Son, a man best known for his role as Random Task in the first Austin Powers and a brief career as a fighter that saw him go 0-4 as an MMA fighter and 0-1 as a kickboxer (though he did famously get punched in the dick a lot and showed up to Joseph Hyungmin Son was found guilty of one felony count of torture Thursday.


Righteous or Rapey? A Treasury of Rape Vans

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The other day after posting my most recent rape van submission (as the internet's number one destination for vannin' and rape-van related van pictures, it happens all the time), a friend asked, "Wait, is every van a rape van.


Your Highness has a minotaur rape scene, uncensored cow boners

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It didn't seem to bode well for the movie, when in the first trailer for Your Highness, the centerpiece joke was a guy falling down.


Record-Chasing Tail-Chaser Charged with Rape

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If you're anything like me, you couldn't care less about the snooze-fest that is college baseball.


Meddling Rape Victims Won’t Leave Angelina Alone

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Last month brought the news that Angelina Jolie's permit to shoot her directorial debut in Bosnia had been revoked over concerns that it was about a rape victim falling in love with her rapist.


The power battery from Green Lantern, today in rape news

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I've got lots of stories from this weekend to cover, but I'll be damned if I spend all week playing catch up.

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Is this the worst movie line ever?

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I found this clip from 1987's Howling III (additional trivia: the same screenwriter went on to pen "Pterodactyl Woman From Beverly Hills") over at Buzzfeed under the heading, "this is the worst line ever written for screen.


The Best Song About Rape Ever Made

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Last week, Antoine Dodson soared to Internet stardom with his impassioned interview on the Huntsville news (see: "They rapin' everyone out here").

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