Devin The Dude + Doughbeezy – “Lifted” x Trakksounds + Rapid Ric’s ‘Intervention: Episode 2′ Mixtape

"I get lifted like a kid standing at a water fountain and he's trying to get a sip"


Rapid Ric Ft. Doughbeezy, Paul Wall, Fiend & Mookie Jones – “Get Loaded”

Listen as some of the South's most underrated spitters "Get Loaded."


Starlito & Killa Kyleon – “Have Mercy”


Let the record show that Starlito and Killa Kyleon have a huge amount of chemistry between them.*

Tha Bizness

Killa Kyelon – Candy Paint & Texas Plates 2 Mixtape

After putting out several solid previews, Killa Kyleon’s newest mixtape Candy Paint and Texas Plates 2 has finally dropped.

Z Ro

Killa Kyleon x Rapid Ric – Candy Paint-N-Texas Plates Mixtape


Rollin' through the Texas interstate, you have to look clean whether you're shining in the desert sun or living it up in one of the big cities. Anytime you see Killa Kyleon in H-Town with four wheels spinnin', he has his Lone Star license and registration in check and the car looks like it came fresh out of the Jolly Rancher factory.

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