This Unused Jim Ross Commentary About John Cena’s Rap Game Is Today’s Best Find

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Jim Ross talks about being HIP HOPPITY and RAPPITYFIED in this unused video game commentary about John Cena. Listen and share with everyone.


Riff Raff Already Has A WWE Name, A Complete Moveset And A Bret Hart Parody T-Shirt

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MTV RiFF RaFF is working his way up to WWE by taking twitter polls, making parody t-shirts and announcing his complete moveset.


The Miz Says He’ll Beat The Neon Off RiFF RaFF If He Makes It To WWE

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MTV RiFF RaFF wants to make it to WWE. If he does, he'll run into MTV Mike Mizanin and it won't be pretty.


Riff Raff Will Call Your Mom For The Low, Low Price Of $500

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Houston rapper Riff Raff has added some interesting new deals to his merchandise store, including a phone call to your mom.


Watch Alex Trebek Say ‘Boogaloo B’ In This Amazing ‘Jeopardy!’ Category About Rapper Names

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This "Jeopardy" category about rap musicians is just awesome. So very awesome.


Larry King Interviewed Tyler The Creator And It Was Amazing

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King's interview with the Odd Future star was both hilarious and surprisingly insightful.


50 Cent Denied On ‘Good Morning America’ That His Bad Pitch Was A Stunt


After people accused him of throwing that terrible first pitch to get attention for his new album, 50 Cent swore that the ball just slipped.


A New Donald Sterling Recording Was Released By A Rapper Named Maserati

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Because no one seems to have a handle on Donald Sterling, the Clippers owner was recorded by another "friend" who was on CNN last night.

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‘Doctor’ Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Gave One Hell Of A Graduation Speech At Howard

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After he was named an honorary Doctor of Humanities, Sean 'Diddy' Combs gave an inspiring speech to the new graduates of Howard University.


ESPN Tabbed The World’s Biggest Bandwagon Jock-Sniffer To Host The ESPYs

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Rapper Drake Tweeted that he's honored to be hosting this year's ESPYs, where he'll probably try to be every athlete's best friend.


12 Rappers To Go Out Of Your Way To See At SXSW 2014


Grab an extra phone charger and get your promo packs ready, SXSW 2014 is right around the corner.


Lil Kim Is Going To Be A Mom

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Rapper Lil Kim announced last night that she's pregnant and expecting her first child.

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This Year’s Biggest New Rapper Has The Most Generic Rap Name Possible


Although Young Thug is about the most generic rap moniker ever, this rising star has already made the name known in a major way in 2014.


Drake Actually Showed Up To The Raptors Game Because He’s Their Biggest Fan Ever

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Rapper Drake serves as the Raptors' Global Ambassador but it was still a little surprising that he showed up for the team's Drake Night on Saturday.

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Let Big Con’s ‘Get Swoll’ Be The Music Video That Inspires Your Change In 2014

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Bodybuilding rapper Big Con's new music video for 'Get Swoll' should inspire you to hit the gym and EXPLOOOOOOODE in 2014.


The Toronto Raptors Are Hosting 'Drake Night' Even Though He's A Heat Fan

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Sure, Drake partied with the Heat when they won the NBA title, but the Toronto Raptors are still giving him his own night.


GZA Rapped About The Big Bang Theory At The University Of Toronto

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During his lecture at the University of Toronto, GZA offered a sample of his upcoming album with a rap about the Big Bang Theory.

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