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We’ve Witnessed The Greatest Pro Wrestling Entrance Ever. It Involves Giant Swords And A Velociraptor.

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Want to see the most amazing pro wrestling entrance you've ever seen? Watch Kazuchika Okada enter the arena with a giant Final Fantasy sword and a raptor.


Start Your Morning Off Right With EXTREME JAPANESE RAPTOR PRANK, Yeahhh


Because Japan is Japan, they pranked a guy with a velociraptor. Welcome to the wonder of EXTREME RAPTOR PRANK.


'I Will Be Your Personal Dinosaur For One Year…Serious Offers Only Please'


Since <a href="">Raptor Jesus</a>, pictured above, is one of my favorite memes of all-time, the first thing that sprung to mind when I read <a href="">this ad from Craigslist Vancouver</a> was a guy wearing a Jesus robe and a raptor mask wandering around someone's house for a year.

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