These ‘Parks And Recreation’ Goodbyes To Chris & Ann Are Pretty Much Perfect

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Here are two just released goodbye videos to get you ahead of the feels. The Ron-Nurse farewell is going to have me in pieces for weeks.


Rashida Jones Lands Post-’Parks And Recreation’ TV Pilot Written By Steve Carell

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Rashida Jones will reteam with her 'The Office' co-star, Steve Carell, who wrote the comedy pilot along with his wife.

Ant Man

Michael Pena Offered ‘Ant-Man’ Role, Rashida Jones And Bryce Dallas Howard Still In The Mix


The newest 'Ant-Man' rumors include a part for Michael Pena and new information on a character Rashida Jones or Bryce Dallas Howard might play.


We’re Not Sure You Know What The Word ‘Surprise’ Means, ‘Parks And Recreation’

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The Twitter account for 'Parks and Recreation' Tweeted an otherwise blatant spoiler for this week's episode, but it can't be that obvious, can it?

#Miley Cyrus

Rashida Jones: 2013 Is The ‘Year Of The Very Visible Vagina’

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Ann Perkins is moving away from Pawnee, but the actress who plays her, Rashida Jones, isn't moving past tsk-tsking Miley Cyrus's vagina.


Watch Rashida Jones Sing About Her Love Of A Good Thanksgiving Stuffing On ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’

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Rashida Jones has a very special place in her heart for a good Thanksgiving stuffing, if you know what I mean.

Ant Man

The 'Ant-Man' Rumors About Paul Rudd And Rashida Jones Get Even More Awesome

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The rumors about Rashida Jones, Paul Rudd, and the 'Ant-Man' movie gain more steam, and we want to believe.

Ant Man

Awesome Rumor Of The Day: Rashida Jones And Paul Rudd May Reunite For ‘Ant-Man’

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A questionable source shared an awesome rumor that we're hoping is true about Rashida Jones, Paul Rudd, and the 'Ant-Man' movie.

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Rashida Jones Is Either A Slut-Shamer Or Hero, Depending On Whom You Ask

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#stopactinglikewhores made Rashida Jones a hero, unless she's a slut shamer.


The ‘Parks And Recreation’ 100th Episode Celebration Was The TV Equivalent Of Friendship Waffles

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And not just because the centerpiece was a giant cake expertly crafted to resemble a plate of JJ's Diner's waffles.


Rob Lowe Lines Up His First Post-'Parks and Recreation' TV Gig

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Rob Lowe will follow 'Parks and Recreation' with an NBC comedy pilot.


Who Is Going To Play Leslie Knope’s New BFF On Parks And Recreation? Everyone!

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Parks and Recreation show runner Michael Schur said that instead of giving Leslie Knope a new best friend, they'll increase the roles of other characters.


Rashida Jones And Rob Lowe Are Leaving ‘Parks And Recreation’

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Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are departing "Parks and Recreation" midway through its season.


Sports On TV: Freaks And Geeks' 10 Greatest Sports Moments

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This week, Sports On TV looks at the greatest sports moments from one of the greatest shows ever made -- Paul Feig and Judd Apatow's classic 1999 series 'Freaks and Geeks,' about a group of kids trying to navigate high school in 1980s Michigan.


Rashida Jones Plays 'Whistle Blow That Jew!' With Billy Eichner (And The Morning Links)

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Rashida Jones plays a game where she must decide whether a Hollywood celebrity has changed his or her name, plus highlights from around the web.

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Rashida Jones And Jimmy Fallon Made Beautiful Holiday-Themed Parody Music Together

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That delectable slice of pie known as Rashida Jones appeared on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" last night, to sing holiday songs with Fallon and the Roots.


Rashida Jones & Jimmy Fallon’s Holiday Medley


Jimmy and Rashida combine today's biggest hits with holiday themes for an instant classic.

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