Mathematical! A Real BMO From ‘Adventure Time’ Was Built From LEGO And A $35 Computer.


BMO from 'Adventure Time' has been re-created in real life with LEGO and a Raspberry Pi running Linux to play games and surf the web.


LEGO and Raspberry Pi Used To Make A Cheap Supercomputer (Sort Of)

Professor Simon Cox and his son James have built a supercomputer of sorts using LEGO bricks to rack and stack Raspberry Pi $25 computers.


People Are Paying How Much Extra For The “$25 Computer” At Auction?

Eben Upton, the executive director of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, recently stood in front of a Skyrim map while making a video announcing the auction of the first ten Raspberry Pi computers.


The $25 Computer’s First Batch Is In Beta

The $25 Raspberry Pi computer (which can run Quake III) is still on track for production next year, and they've released pictures (after the break) of their first batch of beta devices.


Final PCB Design Revealed For The $25 Computer That Can Run Quake III

Not pictured: Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner on lightcycles.

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That $25 Computer Can Run Quake III

Remember the $25 (£15) Raspberry Pi bare-bones computers intended for cheaply teaching programming and for low-cost computing in the developing world.


This Computer Costs $25


British computer programmer David Braben (yes, person who didn't ask, that is the same David Braben who co-wrote popular space trading game "Elite" back in the '80s) has a cool new educational project in the works.

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