5 R-Rated Superhero Movies Studios Should Make Immediately (But Won’t)

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There are many PG-13 superhero movies; it's time for one that earns an R-rating. Here are five suggestions.


‘Carrie’ Is Officially Rated R, According To A New TV Spot

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The remake of 'Carrie' is so proud of its MPAA rating it made a TV spot for it.


Rihanna – “Rockstar 101″ Video

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If gazing into Erykah Badu's eyes can trick you into rocking curtains for outfits, what kind of magic is behind RiRi's pretty brown rounds.


Rihanna – “Rude Boy” Video

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This right here doesn't happen without artist development.


Video: Rihanna’s Rated R MySpace The Release Show


Since no one actually visits MySpace these days, the social networking site continues to make its way offline to the people using MySpace The Release Show.


Rihanna – “Russian Roulette” Video

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Rihanna's "Russian Roulette" video = the sexy, female version of Boosie's "Mind Of A Lunatic" perhaps.


Rihanna – “Wait Your Turn” Video

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Rihanna may just be the sexiest pirate there ever was.

Young Jeezy

Rihanna Feat. Young Jeezy – “Hard”

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Well you knew the IDJ wouldn't let Rihanna get all "restricted" without a proper single to keep the registers ringing.

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