WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 5/5/14

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Your official open discussion thread for WWE Raw, May 5, 2014. This is the only place on the Internet you're allowed to talk about WWE.


With Leather's Watch This: There Was A Fight Between The Canadian And US Women's Hockey Teams


The Team USA and Team Canada women's hockey teams continued their bitter rivalry with another big brawl in Friday's exhibition game.


With Leather’s Watch This: Celebrate Roy Halladay’s Career By Watching His Perfect Game

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Roy Halladay signed a one-day contract with the Toronto Blue Jays and announced his retirement today, so watch the highlights of his 2010 perfect game.


With Leather’s Watch This: Chicago’s All-Gay Hockey Performs Mariah Carey


Chicago's All-Gay Hockey Association channeled Mariah Carey and performed an interesting rendition of 'All I Want for Christmas is You.'


With Leather’s Watch This: Here Is What GoPro Was Truly Invented For

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Here's a reminder of why GoPro exists, as this first person motocross crash will certainly make you dizzy.


With Leather’s Watch This: The Dancers From Rick’s Cabaret Have Advice For Eli Manning

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Our favorite female exotic dancers at Rick's Cabaret have some advice for Eli Manning and the 0-4 New York Giants.

alex rodriguez

With Leather’s Watch This: LeBron James Got A Police Escort To The Jay Z Concert

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Last week, LeBron James attended the Dwayne Wade Fantasy Basketball Camp in South Florida with comedian Kevin Hart (and other celebrities, I’m sure) and the reason I’m bringing this up is because there probably isn’t much about the self-proclaimed King’s life that us average folk wouldn’t consider to be a fantasy.

alex rodriguez

With Leather’s Watch This: Who Falls For The Hidden Ball Trick Anymore?

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I’m sure everyone has seen the video of Juan Uribe of the Los Angeles Dodgers falling for the hidden ball trick against the Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday, but I just wanted to watch it a few more times.


With Leather’s Watch This: Is This Progressive Ad The Most Annoying Ad On TV?

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I see this Progressive ad that features Flo and Michael Buffer about five times a day if I leave the TV on while I'm working, and every time that I hear Buffer's trademark drawn out voice in the background, my skin crawls and blood boils as if someone is dragging the rustiest nails across a blackboard.

david ortiz

With Leather’s Watch This: Badminton Players Ain’t Nothing To F*ck With


How many times do we have to see this happen before the World Association of Professional Badminton Association of America puts its foot down and declares, “Enough already.


With Leather’s Watch This: Some Pro Golfers Tried The Happy Gilmore Tee Shot

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I’ve always thought that the PGA should host a sort of an all-star event each year, perhaps after the first two majors have been played, and just have a weekend for the world’s top players to get together and compete at a bunch of different, unique events, like the NBA Skills Challenge but for golf.


With Leather’s Watch This: These Dirt Bikes Keep Falling (‘Yakety Sax’ Edition)


Last week, <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psut3nGZKPc" target="_blank">the folks at Jukin Video</a> posted a clip from the 2013 Red Bull Hare Scramble that featured a particular part of the track that proved to be pretty difficult to quite a few racers and their dirt bikes.


With Leather’s Watch This: Russia Gets MMA

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So, if this MMA show from Russia is something that is actually happening, I’d say we’re roughly five or maybe six years away from The Running Man becoming an actual TV show.

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