Let’s Help Ray Charles The Blind Golden Retriever Drop The Puck At A Bruins Game

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If you are not already waist-deep in a puddle of squee at the sight of a golden retriever puppy in a hockey jersey, prepare to deal with the cutest, saddest <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook bio</a> ever: Hi, I'm Ray Charles a golden retriever that was born blind (12/8/12), but don't feel bad for me.


Meet Your New Favorite Puppy: A Blind Golden Retriever Named Ray Charles

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OMG. He's adorable and he's a puppy and he's blind and he's named Ray Charles.


The Best And Worst Of WrestleMania 2

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Pre-show notes: - Welcome to another retro report, this time in preparation for/celebration of WrestleMania 29.

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