Amar’e Is Only Getting Better; Derrick Favors Is Ready To Rise


Before you write off the Knicks as fake contenders because they let Jeremy Lin walk in free agency and replaced him with The Point Guard Formerly Known As Raymond Felton, remember three things: New York has Carmelo Anthony, New York has Amar'e Stoudemire, and New York has Tyson Chandler.


After wild NBA trade deadline, Chicago wins for inactivity

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On the night after another wild NBA trade deadline -- before which almost 50 players were traded -- Chicago looked like the big winner for not doing a damn thing.


Behind the Scenes of Carmelo Anthony’s debut as a Knick

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MADISON SQUARE GARDEN -- Carmelo Anthony delivered the blow, full-impact right in the face of his opponent, then broke into a speedy yet awkward backpedal, looking like a man built to play defensive end trying to imitate a cornerback.


Carmelo, Chauncey and Amar’e: The Knicks get their own Big Three

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Now that the deed is done, there's one lingering question: While the Knicks certainly got better overnight by trading for Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups to form a Big Three with Amar'e Stoudemire, did they improve their standing in the Eastern Conference at all.


The Knicks need Chauncey Billups more than Carmelo Anthony

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Sometimes it's so simple that we get caught up over-thinking, trying to find the complicated part.


NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo down to Knicks and Nets, decision today

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I don't care if Kobe Bryant had to play press secretary, or if Craig Sager decided to be a full-time reporter instead of a part-time pimp during All-Star Weekend in his efforts to get the scoop on Carmelo Anthony's future -- I'm still refusing to stick the suffix "-gate" on the ongoing 'Melo story line.


NBA Trade Rumor: Carmelo and Chauncey Billups to New York

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Anybody who was paying attention to -- or even trying to avoid -- the ongoing Carmelo Anthony contract/trade/free agency saga this season probably expected 'Melo to be playing for the Eastern Conference All-Stars come Feb.


The Blake Show: Behind the Scenes at Griffin’s New York City debut

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NBA players aren't the only ones who make circles on the calendar.


Kobe Bryant for MVP, and the NBA’s Forgotten Award Contenders

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With the NBA set to announce its All-Star starters tomorrow, this is the time of year where blaming the game's fans for ultimately meaningless travesties is at its peak.


Amar’e runs into an old problem; Kobe vs. Carmelo in Denver

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It's the never-ending NBA dilemma: Young teams don't win championships, but old teams don't have bright futures.


NBA Trade Rumor: Knicks, Grizzlies include O.J. Mayo in Carmelo pitch

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Remember the guy in the "Quitness" video who accused LeBron James of waiting "until the last week of free agency" to make his Decision -- when the truth was LBJ actually ended his process the first day he could legally sign a contract.


Cleveland Steamer: Cavaliers get annihilated by 55 in Kobe’s house

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As much pain as Ben Wallace's swollen ankle may have caused him while sitting at home Tuesday, his eyes would have been hurting more had he watched League Pass last night.


Millionaire Matchmaker: The NBA’s perfect player-team couplings

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There was an interesting -- if not all that surprising -- statistic relayed by the Portland announcers during Sunday night's Blazers/Heat game: Dwyane Wade is the NBA's 2nd-leading scorer in fast break points among guards (I'd assume Monta Ellis is first), while LeBron James is No.


Knicks drive Spurs to drastic measures in record-setting loss

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No one knows whether or not the San Antonio Spurs really care about the regular season, and the strange events that took place at Madison Square Garden last night didn't give us any better indication.

Tyrus Thomas

Michael Jordan’s best (and worst) choices to replace Larry Brown

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In his first nine months as majority owner of an NBA franchise, Michael Jordan has been through a few years' worth of experiences: He watched his Charlotte Bobcats make their first-ever playoff appearance, then watched them suffer their first-ever postseason series sweep.


NBA Trade Rumor: Bobcats could deal Capt. Jack, Gerald Wallace

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The season wasn't supposed to go this way for the Charlotte Bobcats.


Knicks vs. Celtics: Behind the Scenes at the Game of the Year

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This was one of those nights in the sports industry that becomes hard to talk about without sounding like a braggart and a name-dropper.

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