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Ray J Is Giving Kim Kardashian And Kanye West The Best Wedding Gift Of All Time

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Ray J decided he was going to give a gift for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on their wedding day. It was amazing.

Daniel Bryan

‘Total Divas’ Episode Recap: What Did Summer Rae Do To Deserve This?

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On this week's 'Total Divas,' Summer Rae finally gets a push, and it's right over a cliff into shark-infested waters.


How Many Grammys Will Ray J’s Kim Kardashian Ballad, ‘I Hit It First,’ Win?

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Next week, the world at large will be astounded by Ray J's ode to Kim Kardashian's ass directed at Kanye West, "I Hit It First."


Actual TMZ Headline: ‘Kanye West Watched Kim K Sex Tape While Banging Other Chicks’

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Kanye used to watch the sex tape of his current girlfriend, Kim Karashian, in order to obtain an erection. Something is seriously wrong with Kanye West.

#Kanye West

Ray J Trolls Kim Kardashian Spectacularly On Twitter

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I've never really had strong feelings one way or another about Ray J, the man famous for half-assedly boning Kim Kardashian on camera, but I think I'm ready to become a member of his fanclub after the amazing Twitter troll job he pulled on Kanye West's attention-whoring girlfriend last night.

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