All The Bad Things That Happened Because Of Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

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If Kim Kardashian's sex tape hadn't been "leaked" all those many years ago, the world would be very different.

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Ray J Wants You To Know You Have God To Thank For America’s Kardashian Problem, Not His Sex Tape

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Ray J is throwing God under the bus for unleashing the Kardashians on us all.


Ray J Keeps Finding New Ways To Sing About Kim Kardashian

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"One Wish" is 10 years old. Appreciate the hell out of it.

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Ray J Is Giving Kim Kardashian And Kanye West The Best Wedding Gift Of All Time

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Ray J decided he was going to give a gift for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on their wedding day. It was amazing.


‘Total Divas’ Episode Recap: What Did Summer Rae Do To Deserve This?

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On this week's 'Total Divas,' Summer Rae finally gets a push, and it's right over a cliff into shark-infested waters.


Ray J Ft. French Montana & Tyga – “Hey Love”


Ray's still recording. For what reason, I'm unsure.

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Kanye Makes Surprise ‘Fallon’ Performance, Disses Ray J

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While <a href="" target="_blank">Jimmy Kimmel was revealing the ‘greatest lie ever told’ last night</a>, the other Jimmy was giving Kanye Kardashian a little shine time.


Morgan Freeman Reciting Ray J’s “I Hit It First”? Yes, Please!!!11!1

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Stop whatever the hell you're doing right now and watch this video.

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Ray J Ft. Bobby Brackins – “I Hit It First” Video

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Ever since <a href="">"I Hit It First"</a> dropped, I did a stellar job avoiding it.

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Ray J Ft. Bobby Brackins – “I Hit It First” (Prod. By Nic Nac)

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The road of irrelevancy is a tumultuous one, and Ray J clearly wants to avoid it at all costs.

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How Many Grammys Will Ray J’s Kim Kardashian Ballad, ‘I Hit It First,’ Win?

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Next week, the world at large will be astounded by Ray J's ode to Kim Kardashian's ass directed at Kanye West, "I Hit It First."

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Ray J Continues To Troll Kanye & Kim K With New Single, “I Hit It First”

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Ray J continued his reign of trolling terror against Kim Kardashian today by releasing the artwork for his upcoming single "I Hit It First.


9.27 The Cooler

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Hayley Billionaire Offers $65 Million To Any Man Who Can Woo His Gay Daughter <a href="">[Business Insider]</a> Casino Offers Refunds On Seattle-Green Bay Game <a href="">[Seattle Pi]</a> BET Promotional Stunt Causes Bomb Scare <a href="">[Complex]</a> With 50 Cent Gone, Is Ray J Back On The Money Team.

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Actual TMZ Headline: ‘Kanye West Watched Kim K Sex Tape While Banging Other Chicks’

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Kanye used to watch the sex tape of his current girlfriend, Kim Karashian, in order to obtain an erection. Something is seriously wrong with Kanye West.

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