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The Rock Revealed That He Almost Tagged With Ray Lewis At WrestleMania


The Rock told Dan Patrick about the time Warren Sapp almost got a WWE job, and how Ray Lewis almost tagged with him at WrestleMania.

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Ray Lewis Has a Video Message For The People of Baltimore


In times of discord, people can always count on Ray Lewis to sermonize the voice of reason at them.


Ray Lewis: ‘The Only Reason We Know Who Tom Brady Is, Because Of A Tuck Rule.’


Ray Lewis with perhaps the most trolling quote of all-time regarding Tom Brady.

Domestic Abuse

Ray Lewis Said The Most Obnoxious Thing About The Ray Rice Domestic Abuse Case


As if things couldn't get any worse with domestic abuse commentary, Ray Lewis weighed in and what did he just say?

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Ray Lewis Sure Knows A Lot About Violent Crimes, You Guys


At press time, a follow-up study has been published finding that there are 17 percent fewer stabbings in Baltimore during times at which Ray Lewis is away from the city to film segments for ESPN, no doubt due to his positive influence on the people watching.


Read This Now: The New Yorker On How ESPN Trains Athletes for TV


"The Worldwide Leader In Sports" pulls out all the stops to make former athletes coherent on-air personalities.

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Adam Schefter Did The Ray Lewis Dance


Adam Schefter started SportsCenter this morning by coming out to Ray Lewis' spastic "squirrel" dance.

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SNL Covered The Super Bowl Blackout And Jay Pharoah Should Be Shannon Sharpe Forever


Warming Glow usually handles weekly recaps of Saturday Night Live right after it airs.


Ray Lewis Talks to Jesus and God

Ray Lewis negotiates how much of a heavenly push the Ravens are going to get in the Super Bowl.


Anyone Can Buy Deer Antler Spray And Be Just Like Ray Lewis… Allegedly


Prior to this week, the most I’d ever known about anything involving deer came down to: 1) Venison is delicious as long as I convince myself it’s not Bambi and 2) You can buy deer piss in hunting stores.

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Ray Lewis Says No One Is Qualified To Question Him And The Media Thinks That’s Great


It's the purported job of the press to ask questions of public figures in the pursuit of getting useful, revealing answers for the public.

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Ray Lewis Has Spray-On Hair, Cried About Being Parodied On SNL


The media onslaught is on in New Orleans, with Ray Lewis' farewell game serving as the main subplot to the HarBowl on Sunday.


Saturday Night Live Did A Ray Lewis Thing, And Yes, It Was Kenan Thompson


In a better world, Saturday Night Live sketches about football players would suddenly become super popular, and 80 minutes of every show would just be Kenan Thompson changing jerseys and doing the same voice to represent every black football player.

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