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What Is The Real Reason Mel Brooks Couldn’t Make ‘Blazing Saddles’ Today?

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Mel Brooks once again said that he couldn't make a movie like 'Blazing Saddles' today, but what is the real reason why?

american sniper

Bill Maher On The ‘American Sniper’ Controversy: ‘He’s A Psychopathic Patriot And We Love Him’

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Bill Maher demonstrated how the public is split on 'American Sniper' by bringing it up for discussion on 'Real Time.'


Bill Maher And Seth Rogen Go Hard Against Bill Cosby On ‘Real Time’

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Bill Maher made it clear that he is not a fan of what Bill Cosby allegedly did, calling the comedian a creep on 'Real Time.'

#Ben Affleck

Sam Harris Hits Back At Ben Affleck Over Their Heated Argument On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’

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Sam Harris: "Affleck was gunning for me from the start" on 'Real Time Wit Bill Maher.'


Bill O’Reilly Is Predictably Pro-Maher In The Ben Affleck-Bill Maher Fight, Thinks ISIS Would Behead Ben Affleck

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Bill O’Reilly and Bill Maher finally agreeing with each other makes us want to buy the world a Coke.

#2014 Emmys

A By-The-Numbers Look At Some Of The Biggest Losers In Primetime Emmys History

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On Monday night, Jon Hamm will hope to break his Emmy shutout, but he'll always have a place in this group of beloved TV losers.

valerie plame

Bill Maher And His Guests Questioned Obama's Faith And Slammed The Obamacare Website Rollout Last Night

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Last night's Real Time with Bill Maher -- the guests being Richard Dawkins, Michael Moore, Valerie Plame and Al Sharpton -- was quite good.


Bill Maher Sort Of Defended Paula Deen On 'Real Time'

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Bill Maher: the only guy defending Paula Deen since 2013.


Durr TV Knew Where Bin Laden Was!

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Now that we've all recovered from the news of Osama bin Laden's death and shifted our focus to war dogs, people are sifting through the archives of the Internet to find TV clips where people claim that bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan.


Weekend Preview: You Still Don’t Know How To Pronounce ‘Treme’

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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (ABC, Friday) -- "Jamie is shocked by the response of students of Huntington High School when he asks them to choose between a lunch menu of processed junk food or fresh fare.


Smarmy Man Renewed For Another Smarmy Season

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(Day Two of the Jon Bois administration continues with more uncomfortably large close-ups of TV personalities.

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