Orlando Shaw, Man Who Fathered 22 Kids With 14 Women, Might Get A Reality Show

By | 31 Comments

Orlando Shaw, the man who fathered 22 kids with 14 women, claims to have signed a deal for his very own reality show.


TLC Lowers that Common Denominator Again, Making Show About Fat Pregnant Women

By | 14 Comments

TLC, formerly The Learning Channel before it was apparently purchased by Satan's Vagina, is <a href="">trotting out</a> another one of its brilliant reality shows designed to exploit the overweight, the terminal, and the ugly for our viewing pleasure.


Fox Moves One Step Closer to a Game Show Called 'Just the Tip'

By | 12 Comments

Fox is moving ahead with a speed-dating game show this summer called "Take Me Out," based on a British game show of the same name.

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