Apple Will Put iOS In Your Car With CarPlay, Because You Needed That

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CarPlay is a terrible name, but hey, Apple's got to try and make you buy an iPhone somehow.


Tom Perkins: Yes, I Meant It When I Said That Being Rich In America Is Like Being A Jew In Nazi Germany

By | 16 Comments

Tom Perkins managed the trifecta of rich jerkassery over the weekend with a newspaper op-ed... and he's not backing down over it.


Facebook Photo Of Action Figure Triggers Police Raid

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A Facebook photo triggered a raid on a man's house, because in many, many ways, people lack a sense of scale.

#video games

Three Songs ‘Dead Space 3′ Should Have Used In Its Ad, Instead Of Phil Frickin’ Collins

By | 21 Comments

You do not choose Phil Collins for a horror game like 'Dead Space 3'. Here are three suggestions that might have been a better call.


Instagram’s Verification Process Sends Thousands To Yahoo! Answers Seeking Help


Is your Instagram account locked? You're not alone. And yes, the whole "upload a photo of your ID" thing is apparently legit, if utterly ridiculous.


The SEC Will Possibly Sue Netflix For Announcing Record Viewership On Facebook

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You know, because the SEC has nothing better to do than hassle Netflix over marketing fluff.

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