Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD: Frozen, American Hustle, And Something Called 'Almost Sharkproof'

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Frozen, American Hustle, and more, in the most thorough guide to DVD and Blu-ray that the world has ever seen.

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The iPod Shuffle – Jay-Z’ “Friend Or Foe”

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Before Jay was hobnobbing with the likes of Oprah around Marcy, he played a different role on the grounds of those same buildings.

#Jay Z

The iPod Shuffle – Jay-Z’s “Blueprint 2″

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Hov's "Blueprint²" is often a forgotten nugget in Hip-Hop folklore.

#Jay Z

Lushlife – Redux Vol. 2: Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents”

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Remember how I told you about those "tasteful covers" the ever talented Lushlife concocted.

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