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Rebecca Black Is Still The Worst Even When She Reads Mean YouTube Comments About Herself

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Rebecca Black reading hate comments about herself on the internet should have been endearing. It was not.


Frotcast: Best of the Frotcast 2013!

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Celebrate all your favorite FilmDrunk Frotcast segments with the Best of 2013 Frotcast. Remember when Matt Lieb discovered quicksand porn?


Tay Allyn – Mass Text


"Recording artist" Tay Allyn's just-released video for her song "Mass Text" has to rank up there with Rebecca Black's "Friday" and <a href="">Nicole Westbrook's "Thanksgiving"</a> as one of the worst music videos to ever hit the Internet.

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Jimmy Kimmel's Sausage Party


Jimmy Kimmel's meaty parody of Rebecca Black's "Friday.

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The Best Goat Remixes


Ever since the super viral <a href="">Goats Yelling Like Humans</a> compilation came out in early February, "goating" (the trend of adding yelling goats to popular songs) has been taking the Internet by storm.


'Friday' Mastermind Patrice Wilson Is Back With A Song About … Skipping Rope

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First, there was “Friday.” Then, “Thanksgiving.” What simple topic would ARK Music Factory CEO Patrice Wilson over-explain through song next? Rope skipping.

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Thanksgiving Finally Has Its Very Own Terrible Song

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This month's "worst song/music video of all-time," Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving," might actually be THE worst song/music of all-time.

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Meet Gnesa, 2012’s Answer To Rebecca Black

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Quite possibly the worst music video of the year.


6.1 The Cooler

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Tisha Marie World Series of Poker Bracelet Is The Most Expensive Sports Prize Ever [Brosome] 'Ask A Vixen' With Playboy Cover Model Tisha Marie [Hip-Hop Wired] Young Buck Reviews 50 Cent's New Mixtape [Broken Cool] 5 Ways To Make “Snow White And The [...].

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His Futsal In This Guy’s Face


The best part of this Futsal argument escalating into a Muay Thai knockout (besides me learning what the hell "Futsal" is) is easily the YouTube commenter explaining his motivations: This was in Russia , futsal 3rd division.


The 2011 UPROXX People Of The Year Awards

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As the icons of journalistic integrity at People magazine have taught us, limiting an annual award to just one person can be a dangerous task.


12.21 The Cooler

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Ohio State Football: Why One-Year Postseason Ban Isn't All That Bad <a href="">[Bleacher Report]</a> The Search For The World's Greatest Headline Is Over <a href="" target="blank">[Film Drunk]</a> Another One Bites The Dust, HBO Cancels "How To Make It In America" <a href="">[Miss Dimplez]</a> D.

rick perry's anti gay ad

Rick Perry’s Anti-Gay Ad Is Now The Most Disliked Video In YouTube History

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"Rick Perry -- you just made the most disliked video in the history of YouTube.

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Black Friday Morning Links

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This is almost as good as the Sears Bed Intruder commercial.


Rebecca Black’s ‘Person of Interest’ Is Today’s Video Of Disinterest

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Rebecca Black is releasing a debut album this month (oh goody), and she's just released her third music video, the previous two being "<a href="">Friday</a>" and "<a href="">My Moment</a>," two songs we're still trying to forget.

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