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This Seems To Be Our First Look At Battle Cat In The ‘Masters Of The Universe’ Movie

By | 12 Comments

The Senior VP of Production for Columbia Pictures has once again tweeted a 'Masters Of The Universe' exclusive.


The ‘Tomb Raider’ Reboot Is Coming Together Quickly

By | 10 Comments

'Tomb Raider' is coming back to screens, and with more speed than you might expect.


Disney Is Bringing Back ‘DuckTales’ With An Animated Reboot

By | 40 Comments

We're not sure how we feel about the news that Disney is reviving its classic 'DuckTales' for the modern age.


Yes, There Is A ‘Shaft’ Reboot In The Works

By | 5 Comments

Shaft is returning to the big screen thanks to New Line and John Davis.


Neill Blomkamp Thinks ‘Alien’ Is Officially His Next Film

By | 28 Comments

It finally looks like Neill Blomkamp's 'Alien' concept art is going to be put to good use.

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Is A New ‘Battletoads’ On The Way?

By | 18 Comments

Nothing's been confirmed, but Microsoft is dropping a lot of hints about 'Battletoads.'


‘Power Rangers’ Reboot Details Revealed By Green Ranger Jason David Frank

By | 5 Comments

Green Ranger Jason David Frank is offering updates about the 'Power Rangers' reboot, which would be nothing without him.

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Ryan Murphy Is Planning A Creative Reboot For Season Five Of ‘American Horror Story’

By | 24 Comments

We're not sure if this is good news or bad news, but Ryan Murphy reportedly has new plans for 'American Horror Story' season five.


Is Fox Going To Reboot ‘The X-Files’ As A Limited Event Series?

By | 16 Comments

After the success of last year's '24: Live Another Day' limited event series, Fox says they want to brink back 'The X-Files'.

Escape From New York

‘Escape From New York’ Is Officially Getting A Remake Over At Fox

By | 23 Comments

Despite earlier rumors proving to be false, 'Escape From New York' is returning for real over at Fox.

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‘The Crow’ Reboot Has A New Director With Edgar Wright’s Seal Of Approval

By | 29 Comments

Edgar Wright reportedly recommended Corin Hardy to Relativity Studios to be the latest director attached to 'The Crow.'


There Is A Rumor That Frank Miller Will Write Another Follow-Up To ‘The Dark Knight Returns’

By | 20 Comments

A new rumor says that Frank Miller and a current comic creator will combine to write a new 'Batman: Dark Knight Returns' story.

fantastic four

This New ‘Fantastic Four’ Plot Summary Is Far Different Than The Comics

By | 16 Comments

'Fantastic Four' is going to be a bit different from the comics so many love.

All In The Family

Norman Lear Wisely Rejected A Modern-Day ‘All In The Family’ Reboot

By | 5 Comments

Remember the 1970s? Those were the days (when not everything was a damn reboot).

Sci Fi

NBC Is Teaming Up With The Showrunner From ‘Supernatural’ To Reboot ‘Frequency’

By | 6 Comments

NBC has teamed with Jeremy Carver to reboot 'Frequency' and tell a tale about a father and son who solve crimes via ham radio.

fantastic four

The Next ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie Is Making Some Major Changes To Doctor Doom

By | 49 Comments

In Fox's new 'Fantastic Four,' Doctor Doom is no longer a monarch. Or a doctor. Or named Doom.


Six Seasons And A Movie? The ‘Underworld’ Reboot Is Now Two Movies And A TV Show.

By | 4 Comments

Len Wiseman revealed that the 'Underworld' reboot is a lot more than we were expecting.


A Quick List Of The Mind-Boggling Number Of Recently Announced TV Reboots

By | 18 Comments

You won't believe how many reboots have been announced in the last six weeks alone.

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