Eminem’s Recovery Recoups Rather Nicely


No surprises here. King Mathers gets back to the money as Recovery ships-n-scans 741,000 copies and lands our favorite angry MC his sixth straight No.


I’m Going Through Changes


In Las Vegas, a man washes car windows. The same profession he has been doing for years. It seems ironic that a man who graduated with a degree in psychology ultimately let outside forces overpower his own mind. Those outside forces are drugs and false friends. Drugs ease the pain of fabricated friendships bound only by addiction. His mother --- who has been dealing with cancer for the past 10 years of her life and is some 2,000 miles away --- still holds hope her son will return home. At least, before she takes her last breath. His two kids are damn near adults and have been so accustomed to him not being around that life seems normal with this void. It was not always like this, however. Before the drugs, he remained a rock during one of the darkest days of his family's history. He was firmly planted by his cousin's side everyday, who was slowing dying of colon cancer during the year 1998. Doctor's visits, hospital stays, the whole nine. He said the right things, at the right times, to the right people. That's probably where that psychology degree came to use. He comforted his 12-year-old cousin who struggled to understand why the only father figure he had ever known was dying from a disease which was without reason. Memories. Bittersweet memories, but memories nonetheless. That 12-year-old cousin was me and the guy who "remained a rock" was my cousin. For a long list of reasons, his name isn't important, but his story is. It has been close to a decade since we last spoke. Time occurs, life sets in and communication breaks down. I'm apart of the problem. I know this. His situation is exactly why Eminem's struggles have always hit home.


Eminem – “Despicable” Freestyle


Ladies and gentlemen of the Hip-Hop community, We are gathered here today to put to rest two beats - "Over" and "Beamer, Benz or Bentley"- that every rapper on the planet has been freestyling on.

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