Eminem’s Recovery Recoups Rather Nicely

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<a href=""> No surprises here. <a href="">King Mathers</a> gets back to the money as Recovery ships-n-scans 741,000 copies and lands our favorite angry MC his sixth straight No.

Shady Records

Public Service Announcement

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<a href=""> Saying how dope Recovery is to all your homeboys is not the same as supporting <a href="">Eminem</a> so quit lying to yourself.


Eminem – “Ridaz” x “Session One”

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<a href=""> Without giving a strict compare & contrast analysis on the rest of <a href="">Recovery</a>, "Ridaz," an iTunes bonus track for Em's new album is this shi.


Slim Shady Talks Soup


<a href=""> This new short featuring Community's The Soup's Joel McHale and Detroit's Eminem offers the same result as a USA World Cup game. <a href="">Two winners</a>.


Emwow: Vince For Eminem’s Recovery

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<a href=""> I think we can all agree that there will never be another Billy Mays. He was the Benjamin Franklin of pitchmen, the Rick Ross of pushing product. However, unlike the modern-day rap fan, I'm not quick to crown any new jack on the scene with the slightest bit swagger "the next best thing" or better yet, "a savior." But I do know talent when I see it. And while he's no Marv Albert, Vince Schlomi has IT. He is a living, breathing, enunciating "wow" moment with great hair and the gift of gab. In those green times when America needed a non-disposable product for pesky spills and something to shine our candy paint with, he gave us the Shamwow. We yearned for a kitchen product that channeled our aggression while making the average Tuna salad not so boring, he hit us off with <a href="">the Slap Chop</a>.


The Week That Was: The “I Hear The People Talking” Edition

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<a href=""> The task of recapping the week fell on me. But since I've been virtually out of pocket all week, I can't claim to have a full pulse on what all took place. The answer? Lean on one of site's strengths -- our readers, one of the integral parts of keeping the Fresh respectable. And more specifically, I simply took a trip back through the week's posts and searched the stories that garnered the most chatter this week from you all. Honorable Mention -- 32 comments for Rolling Stone's revised list of <a href="">the "500 Greatest Songs."</a> 5.


I’m Going Through Changes

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<a href=""> In Las Vegas, a man washes car windows. The same profession he has been doing for years. It seems ironic that a man who graduated with a degree in psychology ultimately let outside forces overpower his own mind. Those outside forces are drugs and false friends. Drugs ease the pain of fabricated friendships bound only by addiction. His mother --- who has been dealing with cancer for the past 10 years of her life and is some 2,000 miles away --- still holds hope her son will return home. At least, before she takes her last breath. His two kids are damn near adults and have been so accustomed to him not being around that life seems normal with this void. It was not always like this, however. Before the drugs, he remained a rock during one of the darkest days of his family's history. He was firmly planted by his cousin's side everyday, who was slowing dying of colon cancer during the year 1998. Doctor's visits, hospital stays, the whole nine. He said the right things, at the right times, to the right people. That's probably where that psychology degree came to use. He comforted his 12-year-old cousin who struggled to understand why the only father figure he had ever known was dying from a disease which was without reason. Memories. Bittersweet memories, but memories nonetheless. That 12-year-old cousin was me and the guy who "remained a rock" was my cousin. For a long list of reasons, his name isn't important, but his story is. It has been close to a decade since we last spoke. Time occurs, life sets in and communication breaks down. I'm apart of the problem. I know this. His situation is exactly why <a href="">Eminem's</a> struggles have always hit home.


Eminem – “Not Afraid” Video

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<a href=""> Nobody ever really talks about the "after." Sure, when a person is at there peak or lowest point, there's usually that rallying of attention, which could be there to reinforce positive and/or negative energies. Still, it isn't a solo mission. What happens after that when the concern is lessened and you're deemed healthy enough to go at this thing called life alone? The solitude could be the scariest journey of all. Of course, Eminem has adamantly stated he's not afraid of his will to live. Shot by all-purpose filmmaker <a href="">Rich Lee</a>, visualize the rebuilding steps to a full-fledged <a href="">Recovery</a> from one of the game's most conflicted talents.


Eminem Feat. P!nk – “Won’t Back Down”

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<a href=""> Not to be left out of the recent set of leaks releases from all of raps heavyweights, <a href="">Em</a> makes an appearance by dropping off his newest with the help of fellow troublemaker P.


The Week That Was: The “Speak Your Mind” Edition

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<a href=""> -- In sports, Elin Woods made the move to be the first <a href="">3/4 billion dollar</a> athlete's ex-wife & <a href="">Sonny Vaccaro says Hov</a> is the key to LeBrongate.


The Face Of Eminem’s Road To Recovery

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<a href=""> There are no pills, nor zany references to the celebutante of the day. The haze of any drug-induced streams of consciousness have become a mere afterthought as well. Glorifying the splendor of substance abuse and all of its thrills have also been scrapped from the itinerary. For Eminem is an addict and since he accomplished the first step to getting clean by penning the details in his last album, his walk to self redemption begins here. The album covers of <a href="">Recovery</a> send a clear message.


Is Eminem On The Right Road To Recovery?

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<a href=""> Since we always do the defining, let's reverse the roles here. How do you feel about Em's latest effort "Not Afraid," the leadoff single to Slim's Recovery? Entertained & engaged, maybe even thrilled at the prospect of a focused version of the emcee? Or is it flying under the radar, still only a shadow of his former self? Honestly, I can accept more material like this because it gets back to the heart of who he is, wearing his heart on his sleeve. During the Encore/Relapse experiments, he seemed to be grasping to remember who he was, a struggle that never turns out pretty when it's being recorded for posterity. Here on "Not Afraid," he admits the missteps and rededicates himself to being the emcee that fans want him to be. Let's hope he can maintain his seat on the wagon long enough to produce an album of material like this...minus the singing maybe. <a href="">Eminem - "Not Afraid"</a> | <a href="">Download</a> [poll id="13"].


Eminem – “Despicable” Freestyle

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Ladies and gentlemen of the Hip-Hop community, We are gathered here today to put to rest two beats - "Over" and "Beamer, Benz or Bentley"- that every rapper on the planet has been freestyling on.

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