Chain Restaurants

And Now, The Least Healthy Chain Restaurant Meals Of 2015

The nine meals that will kill you the quickest in 2015.

mother's day

Check Out This Insane Mother’s Day Brawl At A Red Lobster In Georgia


A customers captured footage of a terrifying brawl inside a Red Lobster on Mother's Day.


No, A Man Did Not Go Into A Coma After Eating 413 Red Lobster Biscuits


A clearly fake news story about a man who went into a coma after eating 413 Red Lobster biscuits fooled a lot of people on the Internet today.


Wingnuts Attack Olive Garden & Red Lobster On Facebook For 86ing French Fries From Kid’s Menus


For as long as there have been first ladies in the United States, first ladies have had pet projects they devote their time and energy to.

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