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Jerry Seinfeld Dropped A Little ‘Seinfeld’/Netflix Update In His Latest Reddit AMA

By | 7 Comments

Jerry Seinfeld did another Reddit AMA, and he dropped a little info about when we might see "Seinfeld" on Netflix.


The Rock’s Reddit AMA Was Crashed By Arnold Schwarzenegger (And ‘Archer’ References)

By | 19 Comments

As if AHNULD showing up in the Rock's Reddit AMA wasn't enough, we also had "Archer" references.


Bill Cosby Reveals The Reason Why His Show Was Named ‘The Cosby Show’ And Not ‘The Huxtables’

By | 11 Comments

Yeah, so why DID he call it 'The Cosby Show' and not 'The Huxtables', anyway?

#game of thrones

Oberyn Martell’s Reddit AMA Was Impossibly Charming

By | 20 Comments

Pedro Pascal is just as smooth as the character he plays on "Game of Thrones," the Red Viper.

Behold, Norm Macdonald’s Gloriously Weird And Fascinating Reddit AMA

By | 29 Comments

Norm MacDonald's Reddit AMA is everything you could possibly want out of a Norm MacDonald Reddit AMA (and more!)


For Your Enjoyment, Here Is The Best Of Nick Offerman’s New Reddit AMA

By | 8 Comments

Nick Offerman has done another Reddit AMA, just in time to see us out the weekend. You're welcome!


Please Enjoy This Reddit AMA With A Former Teenage 'Family Feud' Contestant


This Reddit AMA will tell you everything you've ever wanted to know about 'Family Feud'.


The Greatest Porn Editor Of Our Generation Did A Reddit AMA, And His Answers Did Not Disappoint

By | 19 Comments

The man behind "the most depressing ending to a porn film ever" tells all.


The Best Of 'It's Always Sunny's' Glenn Howerton's Reddit AMA

By | 24 Comments

Glenn Howerton of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' took some time out of his busy schedule to check in with Reddit to answer fan questions.


Here's The Best Of 'Bob's Burgers' Tina and Linda Belcher's (Dan Mintz and John Roberts) Reddit AMA

By | 9 Comments

To celebrate the Return of Bob's Burgers, Dan Mintz, John Roberts, and series creator Loren Bouchard stopped by Reddit to answer fan questions.

Martha Stewart’s Sex Tips And Other Highlights From Her Reddit AMA

By | 8 Comments

If you had the opportunity to ask Martha Stewart for sex tips, how could you NOT ask Martha Stewart for sex tips?

Nick Lachey's Stupendously Boring Reddit AMA Answers Are Everything

By | 6 Comments

Nick Lachey's Reddit AMA is transcendent in its sheer dullness.


The Best Of Matt Damon’s Reddit AMA

By | 8 Comments

More on Clooney pranks, Team America, thoughts on education, and how he's always getting confused for Mark Wahlberg (?).

The Best Of Will Ferrell’s Reddit AMA

By | 14 Comments

Will Ferrell answers your questions about "Step Brothers," Red Hot Chili Peppers, and thongs.

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The Best Of Bill Murray’s Reddit AMA

By | 32 Comments

The one and only Bill Murray answers your dumb questions.


No Sh*t: A Man With No Butt Crack Just Did A Reddit AMA

By | 8 Comments

Two dicks? No ass-crack? Jesus, slow down Internet, it’s not even February yet.

double-dicked dudes

A Man With Two Dicks Did A Reddit AMA. Welcome To 2014!

By | 55 Comments

Reddit hosted an AMA last night featuring a man with two fully-functional penises. 2014 on the internet is off to a hell of a start.


The Best Of Keanu Reeves’ Reddit AMA

By | 20 Comments

Keanu Reeves stopped by Reddit to candidly answer questions. We used this as an opportunity to post Keanu memes and GIFs because internet.

The Best Of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Reddit AMA

By | 17 Comments

The best questions and answers from Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Reddit AMA.

olivia wilde

The Best Of Olivia Wilde's Reddit AMA

By | 13 Comments

The best questions and answers from Olivia Wilde's Reddit AMA session.

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