This Homeowner Really, Really Hates People Leaving Dog Poop Outside His House

By | 4 Comments

Nothing is more infuriating than finding dog poop on your sidewalk, so one man is taking matters into his own hands.


This Horrifying Story Of A Guy Piercing Someone’s Butthole Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

By | 16 Comments

Just in time for Christmas, here is pretty much the worst story you've ever heard!

secret santa

This Guy’s Secret Santa Form Illustrates Why Workplace Secret Santas Are The Worst

By | 25 Comments

Nobody likes participating in the office Secret Santa, and this guy isn't sugarcoating it.


Reddit Reveals Plans To Give $5 Million To Its Users, But There’s A Catch

By | 15 Comments

The $5 million will be distributed as 'Reddit Notes' — an vague form of digital currency.

oculus rift

Here’s Why Masturbating In A Virtual Reality Headset While Your Girlfriend’s On Her Way Over Is A Bad Idea

By | 11 Comments

This Oculus Rift masturbation story is why the future and everything in it is terrible.

marriage proposals

This Photobooth Proposal Earned A Newly Engaged Couple A Set Of Free Engagement Photos

By | 3 Comments

This guy is either the suavest man alive, the world's most financially savvy wedding planner, or some freakish combination of both.

WWE TLC 2014

Who Is This WWE Employee, And Why Can’t He Stop Watching Camping Videos?

By | 22 Comments

The guy in charge of watching the video feeds at WWE TLC seems to have a history of heading to YouTube while on the job.


Why Has Donald Glover Removed Himself Entirely From Social Media?

By | 14 Comments

Donald Glover's rapper alter ego has disappeared almost entirely from Instagram and Twitter. Maybe it's political, maybe it's Maybelline.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Young Magician Bring Thug Life To The World Of Magic


A slight edit and some musical changes turn this magic kid into a hardcore thug.

#Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman Calls Chris Pratt A ‘Magnificent Beast’ In His Latest Reddit AMA

By | 3 Comments

The 'Parks and Recreation' star's words were poetic in regard to his co-star, Chris Pratt.


All Of The Horrifyingly Fascinating Things We Learned From Reddit’s ‘Children Of Porn Stars’ Thread

By | 31 Comments

As expected, middle and high school kids are terrible and Reddit only makes it worse. At least I know never to invite Ron Jeremy over.


Global Force/New Japan Roundup: Jeff Jarrett’s Reddit AMA And A Glorious Hype Video

By | 9 Comments

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom is getting closer! Set the mood with a huge hype video and some Reddit answers from Global Force's Jeff Jarrett.


This Kohl’s Department Store Is Accidentally Selling Marty McFly Costumes

By | 8 Comments

Spotted at Kohl's: this pretty close version of Marty McFly's outfit in 'Back to the Future.'


This Guy Passed The Time By Flying His Drone Copter While Stuck In Houston Traffic

By | 3 Comments

One man in Houston managed to use his drone copter to pass the time during a traffic jam, leading to some exciting photographic proof.


Behold, The Sexy Allure Of An Actual Sperm Donation Room

By | 18 Comments

I've you've ever wondered what the inside of a sperm donation room looks like, you're in luck because today we pull back the curtains.

indian food

This Honest Menu Tells You What Not To Order If You Plan To Get Your Freak On Later

By | 4 Comments

This Indian restaurant helpfully informs you what menu item will leave you with breath of fire.

olive garden

The Bizarre Story Of How One Man’s Pasta Pass Kindness Turned Into A Scorching Internet Controversy

By | 28 Comments

People are outraged over the success of a Utah man's viral video, because they think he fed the homeless with a Pasta Pass for Olive Garden.


Man Who Got His Testicles Stuck In A Lawn Chair While Drinking In The Shower Has The Diagram To Prove It

By | 3 Comments

This guy made a huge mistake relaxing with a beer in the shower . . . Which is not to say he wouldn't try it again.

#Game of Thrones

Look At This Amazing Custom ‘Game of Thrones’ Coffee Table, Complete With A Map Of Westeros

By | 7 Comments

A couple of redditors built a 'Game of Thrones' style coffee table using the map of Westeros as inspiration.


‘Serial’ Victim’s Brother Condemns Podcast For Exploiting His Sister’s Murder

By | 9 Comments

The younger brother of Hae Min Lee took to Reddit to slam the popular show for sensationalizing his sister's murder.

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