Reddit Asks: Who Was Your School’s ‘Weird Person’ And What Did They Do?

By | 18 Comments

This time Reddit aims to find the real life Steve Urkels, Martha Dumptrucks and Screeches in the world.


Reddit Asks Male Gynecologists: What Made You Want To Become A Gyno?

By | 6 Comments

"Male Gynecologists of Reddit- What made you want to be a ladyparts doctor?" The answers predictably range from noble to creepy.


20 April Fools' Day Pranks That Probably Won't Make You A Terrible Person

By | 5 Comments

To help you prepare for the upcoming holiday, we've collected 20 April Fool's Day pranks which aren't completely terrible things done by awful human beings.


Teenagers Of Reddit Tell Us: What's Cool Nowadays

By | 16 Comments

If you take away their fancy smartphones, teenagers today aren't all that much different than when we were growing up.


‘Better For F*cking': The Best Of Hannibal Buress’s AMA


Talking going on tour, what comedians gave him a break, and his favorite Iron and Wine song.


The Jeopardy! Contestant Who Thought Magic Johnson Played In The NHL Isn’t Ashamed

By | 2 Comments

'Jeopardy!' winner Joe admitted on Reddit yesterday that he isn't ashamed of the brain fart he had in thinking Magic Johnson was an NHL player.


Taco Bell President Brian Niccol Hosted A Reddit AMA And He Has Plenty Of Jokes

By | 6 Comments

The man behind Taco Bell's big ideas welcomed questions in a Reddit AMA and he had some pretty good jokes and answers for people.


A Pizza Place In Dallas Has A Lot Of People Freaking Out About Ranch Dressing

By | 28 Comments

The Dallas pizzeria Cane Rosso has become the center of debate about whether or not we should dip pizza in ranch dressing.


This Is What Happens When You Ask Your Friend To House-Sit And He Gives Reddit A Photo Of Your Home

By | 8 Comments

When a guy asked his friend to watch his house while he was on vacation, he never expected him to enlist Reddit's help for some hilarious photoshops.


How One Woman Learned She Was Pregnant From Reddit GoneWild

By | 5 Comments

Dr. Reddit GoneWild suggested a topless woman might be pregnant. She was.


Haley Joel Osment Is Transforming Into Al Borland From 'Home Improvement'

By | 12 Comments

Are Haley Joel Osment and Al Borland actually the same person? No. But Maybe?


This Redditor's Story About Meeting Conan O'Brien And Andy Richter Will Make You Laugh And Cry

By | 31 Comments

A Redditor recalls a time they met Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter in NYC. That meeting dramatically changed their life.


Here’s Jason Segel Posing For A Photo In A Krispy Kreme Drive-Thru Because Jason Segel Is The Best

By | 2 Comments

Jason Segel is currently in Grand Rapids confirming that we would in fact be best friends.


A Rapper Went To A 'Magic' Tournament And Took Pictures Of Every Exposed Butt

By | 10 Comments

Wanna find some hot butt pics? Don't go to a "Magic: The Gathering" tournament.


Nick Lachey's Stupendously Boring Reddit AMA Answers Are Everything

By | 6 Comments

Nick Lachey's Reddit AMA is transcendent in its sheer dullness.


And The Award For The Most Clutch Oscars Party Cosplay Goes To…


If you've never been to an Oscar costume party, consider yourself lucky to not be feeling jealous while gazing at this most superior cosplay.

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