Here’s Jason Segel Posing For A Photo In A Krispy Kreme Drive-Thru Because Jason Segel Is The Best

By | 2 Comments

Jason Segel is currently in Grand Rapids confirming that we would in fact be best friends.


A Rapper Went To A 'Magic' Tournament And Took Pictures Of Every Exposed Butt

By | 10 Comments

Wanna find some hot butt pics? Don't go to a "Magic: The Gathering" tournament.

Nick Lachey's Stupendously Boring Reddit AMA Answers Are Everything

By | 6 Comments

Nick Lachey's Reddit AMA is transcendent in its sheer dullness.

2014 academy awards

And The Award For The Most Clutch Oscars Party Cosplay Goes To…


If you've never been to an Oscar costume party, consider yourself lucky to not be feeling jealous while gazing at this most superior cosplay.


Meme Watch: Pun Dog Isn't Fat, He's Just A Little Husky

By | 4 Comments

Pun Dog (AKA Pun Husky) is an adorable Alaskan Klee Kai dog who has already stolen our hearts with dad jokes and sass. Here's the best of the meme so far.

The Best Of Reddit’s First Sexual Experience Represented By A GIF Thread

By | 15 Comments

"If you could sum up your first sexual experience in a SFW gif, what would it be?"


There’s A Penis Hidden In A Scene From ‘An American Tale: Fievel Goes West’

By | 14 Comments

Thanks to some Internet snooping, a penis drawing was found on a single frame during a scene in 'An American Tale: Fievel Goes West.'


A Redditor Named ‘coolsexguy420boner’ Claims He Dated Kate Upton In High School

By | 16 Comments

People are calling BS on a random Redditor's harmless claim that he dated super duper model Kate Upton in high school.


Norwegians Help A Boy Without A Jacket In This Viral Charity Campaign

By | 4 Comments

All the feels. Watch Norwegians Come To The Help Of A Young Boy In This Viral Vid for the SOS Charity Campaign. Faith In Humanity: Restored.

Ethiopian flight

An Ethiopian Plane Hijacking Passenger Gives Us The Real Story In A Fantastic Reddit AMA

By | 8 Comments

A passenger on the recent Ethiopian hijacked flight gives Reddit an AMA on what really went down.


Probably The Best Photo Of James Hetfield Taken After A Metallica Fan Told Him He’s Pregnant

By | 8 Comments

James Hetfield doesn't mind you telling him you're pregnant with his baby, as long as you're a dude.


There’s An Entire Subreddit Dedicated To TV Shows People Only ‘Watch For The Plot’

By | 19 Comments

There's only one reason to watch "Person of Interest," according to Watch It For the Plot.


The Best Of Bill Gates’ Reddit AMA

By | 2 Comments

Bill Gates weighed in on everything from condom design to his favorite movies in a new AMA.


This Excited Sled Dog Is The Real-Life Leeroy Jenkins

By | 3 Comments

If you combined the enthusiasm of 'World Of Warcraft' champ Leeroy Jenkins with the wolf-like naivete of Moon Moon, you'd get this adorably eager sled dog.


The Best Of Matt Damon’s Reddit AMA

By | 8 Comments

More on Clooney pranks, Team America, thoughts on education, and how he's always getting confused for Mark Wahlberg (?).

Meme Watch: Lay’s ‘Do Us a Flavor’ Crowdsourcing Hilariously Backfires

By | 43 Comments

Lay's is running another "Do Us A Flavor" contest to crowdsource a new flavor of potato chips. The internet is obliging as only the internet can.

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