This Little Girl’s To-Do List Is A Reminder Why Little Girls Are Not To Be F*cked With

By | 14 Comments

I have a feeling that this little girl's brother has a trip to Belize in his near future.


Watch This Total Lady Killer Steal All The Ladies’ Hearts While On Fox News

By | 13 Comments

Just another July 4th over at Fox News. That was until a hero emerged from the crowd.


Mark Ruffalo Expresses His Love For Robert Downey Jr. And Squirtle In His Reddit AMA

By | 8 Comments

Mark Ruffalo brings the charm, and plenty of nerd-related answers to his Reddit AMA.


Today Is Brought To You By This Cat That Doesn’t Like Having Q-Tips Thrown At It

By | 5 Comments

We wish we were as enthusiastic about anything as this cat is about Q-tips.


Here Are The Most Cripplingly Boring Answers From Lance Storm’s AMA

By | 14 Comments

Pro wrestler Lance Storm participated in a Reddit AMA, and the answers were so boring they might put you in a coma. Thanks, Lance!


Somebody Help This Poor Guy Being Held Hostage By His Wife At A Michaels Craft Store

By | 9 Comments

Have sympathy for this anonymous Michaels shopper's husband, because someday this could be you.

#game of thrones

Peter Dinklage’s Yearbook Photo Is A Be-Mulleted Masterpiece

By | 12 Comments

Prepare to gaze upon mullet greatness. It's Peter Dinklage's yearbook photo.


Meme Watch: ‘Star Trek’ Gets Motion Stabilized, To Hilarious Results

By | 12 Comments

Star Trek Stabilized takes Star Trek scenes and stabilizes the camera so we only see what the actors are doing when the camera shakes.

#Mad Men

Harry Hamlin Gives Off-The-Record Statement About ‘Mad Men’ Scene, Interviewer Posts It On Reddit Anyway

By | 12 Comments

Now we know what Jim Cutler and Lou Avery saying during that lip-reading scene that Ginsberg saw in "The Runaways."

#game of thrones

Oberyn Martell’s Reddit AMA Was Impossibly Charming

By | 20 Comments

Pedro Pascal is just as smooth as the character he plays on "Game of Thrones," the Red Viper.


Walmart Needs To Give This DVD Bundling Anti-Belieber A Raise

By | 3 Comments

"Whoever bundles the movies at Walmart has a good sense of humor," says the eagle-eyed so-and-so who uploaded this funny picture.


Meme Watch: Sad Batman Is The Sourpuss The Internet Needs Right Now

By | 4 Comments

Jokers have taken the first picture of Ben Affleck as a sad Batman and photoshopped him into situations befitting his sour puss.


Behold, Norm Macdonald’s Gloriously Weird And Fascinating Reddit AMA

By | 29 Comments

Norm MacDonald's Reddit AMA is everything you could possibly want out of a Norm MacDonald Reddit AMA (and more!)

technology fears

Reddit Asked The Internet About The Scary Things About Technology, The Internet Delivered

By | 18 Comments

Reddit wanted to know some things that might be scary about technology. The internet responded big time


Take A Moment To Celebrate The Dogecoin Car, The Internet’s Contribution To The Best Sports Weekend Ever

By | 11 Comments

The Dogecoin car has raced, and the Internet's meme cryptocurrency of choice is now officially auto racing canon. Wow. Much weird.


Teen With Freakish Condition Which Causes His Skin To Swell Asks Reddit For Help, Reddit Comes To The Rescue

By | 4 Comments

A redditor posted a time lapse video of his skin disorder in hopes that the ever-so-wise Reddit community could help diagnose his condition.


Betty White’s Reddit AMA Suggests That Chris Rock Would Probably Portray Her In A Biopic

By | 4 Comments

Comedic actress and noted old person Betty White gave the perfect Reddit AMA.


Here’s What It Looks Like When You Run Into A Drunk Charlie Sheen In Paris

By | 9 Comments

A Redditor posted the following photos of what appears to be a very intoxicated Charlie Sheen hanging out with some dudes in Paris.


Amazon Basically Called A Guy Out As A Drug Dealer For Purchasing A Small Scale

By | 5 Comments

A Reddit user purchased a small jewelry and kitchen scale so Amazon decided that he must be a drug dealer.

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