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The Best Of George Clooney’s Reddit AMA

By | 13 Comments

I like to imagine that this conversation took place between <a href="">Bill Murray</a> and George Clooney.


Gmail And Google+ Are Down All Across The World

By | 4 Comments

Gmail and Google+ are down. Guess that means it's time to call it a week.


Jay-Z Tried To Force ‘DayZ’ Developers To Change The Game

By | 2 Comments

'DayZ' developer Dean Hall gave a Reddit AMA, the best part of which was his Jay-Z anecdote. It's a hard knock life for Bohemia Interactive.


Mark Hamill’s AMA Was Characteristically Awesome

By | 10 Comments

Mark Hamill did an AMA yesterday, and it was every bit as amazing as you'd think.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Pooped His Pants During ‘Predator’ (And Other Things We Learned From His AMA)

By | 21 Comments

Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to Reddit and told stories about Andre The Giant, near death experiences on set, and a bathroom emergency during 'Predator'.


A Nursing Home Made A Calendar Of Residents Dressed Up As Famous Movie Characters

By | 14 Comments

An unknown nursing home will brighten your day with this calendar of residents dressed up as their favorite movie characters from iconic movie scenes.

2014 winter olympics

Reddit Helped Fund The Jamaican Bobsled Team With Dogecoin Currency

By | 3 Comments

Some Redditors raised approximately $30,000 in Dogecoin currency to help fund the Jamaican bobsled team's trip to the 2014 Winter Olympics.

bill murray

The Best Of Bill Murray’s Reddit AMA

By | 32 Comments

The one and only Bill Murray answers your dumb questions.


Don’t Stare Too Long At This Horrifying Homemade Sex Doll If You Ever Want To Sleep Again

By | 17 Comments

A resourceful redditor has created his own homemade sex doll in an effort to creep out the public and create a personal connection with inner romance.


The Best Of Haley Joel Osment’s Reddit AMA

By | 9 Comments

Learn how HJO deals with being a child star, his involvement in that great It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia promo, and hunting lizards.


Check Out These Never Before Seen Photos Of The Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster

By | 12 Comments

Reddit user posts never before seen photos of the Challenger disaster in 1986 taken by his grandparents.

baby names

What Could Go Wrong When Expecting Parents Let Reddit Name Their Child?

By | 2 Comments

69696969vaginalover would be an adorable Reddit-created name for a baby girl.

adorable things

Watch What Happens When An Awesome Family Comes Together For A ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Marriage Proposal


Check out this photo set of a woman's entire family coming together to surprise her with a 'Pride and Prejudice' themed marriage proposal.


No Sh*t: A Man With No Butt Crack Just Did A Reddit AMA

By | 8 Comments

Two dicks? No ass-crack? Jesus, slow down Internet, it’s not even February yet.


Remember The Girl Who Used Nike+ To Draw A Penis? Guess What She Drew Now!

By | 7 Comments

The Redditor who mapped her Nike+ in the shape of a penis to win a bet mapped her next one for a very fitting follow-up.


Is Reddit Doubling As A Secret Weapons Bazaar?


Reddit may be helping people sell each other guns via a federal loophole, according to new accusations.


DC Comics Allegedly Sent This Letter Bashing Marvel To A Seventh Grader

By | 16 Comments

A seventh grader allegedly sent this letter to DC Comics, and they allegedly sent this catty reply. Allegedly. The internet is terrible.


Meet The San Francisco Girls Who Are Redefining The Modern Lemonade Stand


Two young girls were spotted in San Francisco with a clever new approach to the lemonade stand, as they were accepting bitcoins and had a QR code.


The Best Of Jerry Seinfeld’s Reddit AMA

By | 60 Comments

You guys. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David are working on a top secret project together.

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