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here we go again

Facebook’s New News Feed Is The Old News Feed


Facebook is redesigning the site. Again. Sort of. It's complicated.

here we go again

The Rumored Twitter Redesign Looks A Lot Like Facebook

By | 4 Comments

We've already seen a Twitter redesign... and now we might be seeing yet another one in short order.


It Was Terrifying While It Lasted: Pierre The Pelican Is Getting A Head Replacement

By | 5 Comments

New Orleans Pelicans mascot Pierre the Pelican (you know, the terrifying one) is expected to get a head redesign in time for NBA All-Star Weekend in NOLA.


The New Google Maps For Android Is Really Great, But Not Perfect

By | 3 Comments

Google Maps gets an overhaul, and it's great... with a few sticking points.


Battery Redesign Charges in 15 Minutes, Lasts a Week


Cell phone batteries are, at best, problematic: just ask anybody who bought an iPhone 4S and discovered it sucked power like a Decepticon on a bender.

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