Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: Broadcast TV Will Be Dead In 16 Years

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Broadcast networks are like the horse before the car was introduced.


The Much Feared Netflix Price Hike Is Finally Happening, But With A Positive Twist

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The time has finally run out and Netflix is going to begin raising their prices on newer customers, but there's a twist to the price hike.


Prepare For A Hike In The Price Of Netflix Subscriptions

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings hinted at offering different pricing options to new subscribers, which likely means paying more for premium access.


An Argument Against Netflix’s Strategy To Release All Of Its TV Episodes At Once

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Netflix will release 13 episodes of 'House of Cards' this weekend. is that a good idea, or a bad one?

#arrested development

Netflix Brings In a New Shark to Jump the Shark that's Already in Midair

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So, take this with a grain of salt, stick that grain in your eye, and rub it around, but it appears that Netflix is considering reviving CBS's "Jericho," a low-rated series that's been off the air since 2008.


Netflix CEO earned $9.3 million for being a giant screw-up last year

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If you remember the name Reed Hastings, it's probably from those videos he made last year explaining why Netflix was splitting into two companies for DVD and streaming, giving the new one the torn-from-1998 name "Qwikster.


Netflix cancels plans for Qwikster (perfect timing!)

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Less than a month ago, Netflix CEO and Co-Founder Reed Hastings sent all his subscribers a long, personalized email saying "I messed up," and announcing a plan to split Netflix into two companies -- Netflix, which would handle streaming, and Qwikster, a new subsidiary and site which would handle DVD-by-mail services (and remain on the cutting edge of 1999, thanks to the new name).


Netflix: Um, Just Forget About That Whole Qwikster Thing

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In a sketch that didn't make the air last weekend, SNL hilariously mocked Netflix's recent identity crisis-related public missteps.


Blockbuster Announces Netflix-Style Split

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A few days ago, Netflix Co-Founder Reed Hastings announced that, in order to assuage consumer anger over their recent wage hike, they'd be splitting their streaming service and DVD service into two separate companies, Netflix (streaming) and Qwikster (DVDs, retarded names from the late 90s).


Netflix is Called ‘Qwikster’ Now for Some Reason

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I didn't really cover it when Netflix raised their price for unlimited streaming and one DVD from $9.


Blockbuster's Bankrupt. Will Netflix Drop The Ball?

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Blockbuster have finally set into motion "pre-arranged" Chapter 11 proceedings.

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