The Hobbit

Here Are The Hobbit’s Battle Of The Five Armies, Re-Enacted By LARPers

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Ever wonder what the Battle of The Five Armies would look like on a budget? A bunch of Hobbit fans stage it every year.


This Reenactment Of A Woman’s Pissy Bath & Body Works Rant Is Simply Perfect

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Three actresses turned a six minute rant about Bath & Body Works into a thing of beauty.


A Gainesville TV Station Couldn't Air The Gators' Win, So They Just Reenacted It

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Gainesville's WCJB weekend sports anchor Zach Aldridge couldn't show Gators highlights Saturday, so he just reenacted them with coworkers.


Okay, We Give: Pixar's WALL-E Reenacted By A Kitten And Teddy Bears Is Really F*cking Cute

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Happy Friday! Here is 'Wall-E' as narrated by a child, with some teddy bears, creative cut-outs and a snoozy kitten.


Topless Hookers Re-Enact Braveheart

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One of my best friends once paid an Italian hooker $20 to brush his teeth on the street in what I consider his finest moment, so it's possible that I'm the perfect audience for this new feature from Fat Jew (don't look at me like that, that's his name), "Hookers Do Non-Sexual Stuff.


The Subculture of Civil War Reenactors


In this episode of Subculture Club, Thrash Lab goes to the front lines of a Civil War reenactment on 400 acres of land in El Dorado Park, CA.


Chubby dude re-enacts Hitler scene from Downfall

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While the jerks at Constantin Films were busy pulling all the re-subtitled Hitler clips from Downfall off the internet all month, something they never counted on happened: a fat guy filmed a re-enactment of the whole thing playing all the characters.

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