Jon Jones Spent One Day In Rehab, But His Mom Is Happy He Tested Positive

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Jon Jones' mom sees his positive drug test and one-day stint in rehab as a blessing that will help him avoid bad people.


Freddie Prinze Jr. Is Reportedly Learning To Walk Again After Spinal Surgery

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Freddie Prinze Jr. underwent spinal surgery and is documenting his recovery process via Twitter.


ABC News Anchor Admits Herself Into Rehab For The Third Time In A Year

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The co-host of '20/20' and what was once the de facto first solo woman to host a nightly news program, is re-entering rehab.

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Shia Labeouf’s Agent Clarifies That He’s Not In Rehab, But ‘Voluntarily Receiving Treatment For Alcoholism’

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Shia Labeouf is not famous, nor has he checked into rehab. He is "voluntarily receiving treatment for alcoholism."

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Shia LaBeouf Has Reportedly Checked Into A Rehab Facility

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Following his arrest at a Broadway show and other very bizarre behavior, Shia LaBeouf reportedly reached out to a treatment center.


Chris Brown Was Kicked Out Of Rehab Only To Come Out And Get Arrested

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Chris Brown threw a tantrum in rehab and violated his parole. L.A. is safe...for now.


Kesha Would Really Like Your Teeth So She Can Get Through Rehab By Making Art With Them

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Ke$ha askes her fans to donate their teeth for an art project while in rehab, which is completely normal.


The Tale Of Kesha’s Trip To Rehab Got A Whole Lot Weirder Thanks To Her Mother

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Kesha is currently in rehab coping with an eating disorder, but her mother is ensuring her name stays at the top of the news.


A New Mexico Addiction Clinic Is Offering Two ‘Breaking Bad’ Rehab Scholarships This Fall


In honor of "Breaking Bad's" final season, the Sage Neuroscience Center will award two scholarships to their “Breaking Addiction” program to addicts who can’t afford treatment.


Ben Affleck Visited Lindsay Lohan In Rehab And Gave Her A Little Career Advice

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Actor, director and rehab graduate Ben Affleck visited Lindsay Lohan during her latest stint in rehab and offered her a little career advice.

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Teen Mom Farrah Goes to Rehab, Still Trying to Sneak into Fame from Behind

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I find this Farrah Abraham story endlessly entertaining, because every time Hollywood tries to do a send up of "celebrity culture" it's either misguided (I'm Still Here) or dull (The Bling Ring), yet in the persona of Teen Mom Farrah, we have this perfect, fun-house mirror reflection of fame.


Rihanna Is Allegedly Going To Love Rehab To Get Over, Ugh, HIM

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Free yourself from the disease known as Chris Brown, Rihanna.


Philip Seymour Hoffman was in rehab for snorting H-bombs

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Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of those actors, along with Daniel Day-Lewis and John C.


Nick Stahl is alive, turns out he was just on drugs

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Last week I told you about Terminator 3 actor Nick Stahl, who'd been reported missing by his wife, who hadn't seen him for almost a week.


Everything Strasburg Does Is Wrong

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Last year in a game against the Phillies near the end of August, Washington Nationals phenom Stephen Strasburg, a budding superstar with a 2.


Nails Asking Forgiveness For Being Hammered

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Who knew that a guy who committed bankruptcy fraud, got arrested for 23 drug-related felonies and spent 12 years playing pro baseball with a fist-sized sh*t-clod in his mouth would have so many problems.


Stifler went to rehab

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Seann William Scott, star of American Pie, man of three first names and a redundant consonant, has checked into rehab.

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