Meet The Controversial Preacher Who Loves God And Showing Off Her Nipples

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A preacher from North Carolina is courting controversy, not for her religious message but what she is showing while delivering it.

#Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Is Actually A Woman Who Cut Her Breasts Off, Claims Concerned Pastor

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"They can be led to have operations — like Justin Bieber — they can think that the best choice for their life is to cut off their breasts.”


‘The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ Admits That He Didn’t Actually Die And Go To Heaven

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Here's the sad, frustrating story behind 'The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven,' the regret behind its publication.


Meet The Former Pastor Who Spent A Year Living As An Atheist: ‘I Don’t Think God Exists’

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"I think before I wanted a closer relationship to God and today I just want a closer relationship with reality,"


This New York City Pastor Thinks That Starbucks Is Dumping Sodomite Semen Into Their Coffee

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Religious folks ranting against homosexuality is old, but it's another thing when they start messing with everyone's coffee.


Historians Have Found Human Teeth In A 300-Year-Old Statue Of Jesus Christ

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Historians made an odd discovery in an 18th century statue of Christ: Human teeth.


Kurt Metzger Made A ‘White Precious’ Religious Recruitment Pamphlet For All Of You

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Comedian Kurt Metzger created a faux religious pamphlet to promote his Comedy Central special airing tonight.


In A Shocking Story, Cocaine Was Seized By German Officials Headed To The Vatican

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Cocaine was found headed toward the Vatican by German officials. You'd think praying was enough.


Science Backs Up Matthew McConaughey's Oscar Acceptance Speech

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Rusty Cohle doesn't speak no lies, no sir, his words are backed by SCIENCE.


The First Video For The Religion Based On Kanye West, Yeezianity, Is A Twisted Fantasy


Would you be surprised to learn that the founder of Yeezianity is a 23-year-old unemployed white guy?


The Florida Capitol Will Soon Feature A Festivus Pole With Pabst Blue Ribbon Cans

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After a nativity scene was approved for the Florida capitol building, an atheist was given permission to add a Festivus pole in protest.


Florida Friday: Pastor Praises Christmas for Being Easier to Spell Than That Jew Thing with the Candles

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FLORIDA FRIDAY: A Florida pastor is in hot water for a bit of playful Hanukkah-bashing on his church's marquee.


This Man Found The Perfect Way To Get Rid Of Pesky Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Lifehack: here's how to get Jehovah's Witnesses to stop bugging you.

valerie plame

Bill Maher And His Guests Questioned Obama's Faith And Slammed The Obamacare Website Rollout Last Night

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Last night's Real Time with Bill Maher -- the guests being Richard Dawkins, Michael Moore, Valerie Plame and Al Sharpton -- was quite good.

stupid arguments

An Atheist Was Murdered By His Religious Friend After They Snorted Coke, Argued About God

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Douglas Yim killed his non-God-fearing friend after they got into an argument.


Wait, What: Being On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated Made Kate Upton Hate Herself

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Kate Upton has appeared on back to back covers of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue because she is what people with blood in their bodies picture when they hear "woman who looks great in a swimsuit.


Leah Remini Has Left The Church Of Scientology

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The New York Post reported that actress Leah Remini has left the church of Scientology after questioning David Miscavige led to her being interrogated.


Taiwanese Animation: Tim Tebow Joins The Patriots


Tim Tebow signing with the New England Patriots gets the always entertaining and absurd Taiwanese animation treatment, which he also received when he sat on the bench with the New York Jets -- and when they cut him.


Terrible News, Bros: The Miss World Pageant Has Enacted A Bikini Ban

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There are several reasons that I don’t talk about organized religion at all, with the most notable being that the Vatican threatened to have me killed after my 600th request to replace the Virgin Mary in art with pictures of Kate Upton.

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