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That’s One Gigantic Lizard In The Newest Poster For ‘Godzilla’

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The new poster for the latest Godzilla movie shows the biggest lizard ever taking on San Francisco.


Box Office Recap: ‘The LEGO Movie’ Spanked This Weekend’s Unoriginal Crapfest

By | 16 Comments

While Hollywood carted out three remakes for Valentine's Day weekend, 'The LEGO Movie' still reigned supreme with another huge box office performance.


Weekend Movie Guide: About RoboCop’s Endless Love Tale

By | 22 Comments

'RoboCop' leads a weekend of three remakes, because everyone in Hollywood clearly took too many vacations last year.


That Live-Action ‘Akira’ Movie Still Won’t Die

By | 12 Comments

Warner Bros. still wants to make an Akira movie, and they're still developing it. Really.


Joel Silver Will Turn ‘Escape From New York’ Into A Trilogy

By | 21 Comments

'Escape From New York' is not only getting remade, it's getting a prequel! For some reason!


Here’s The 2-Hour, Crowdsourced ‘RoboCop’ Remake In Its Entirety

By | 2 Comments

Paul Verhoeven's film gets lovingly remade by more than 50 filmmakers because "if anyone is going to ruin RoboCop, it’s us."


Check Out ‘The Shining,’ ‘The Big Lebowski,’ And Other Classic Films Get Amazing Animated Remakes

By | 3 Comments

The Animation Workshop in Denmark has put together this collection of student animation presenting re-imagined and remade films lie 'The Big Lebowski'


This Hipster Remake Of ‘American Psycho’ Doesn’t Care How Good You Think It Is

By | 3 Comments

Creative agency Flickering Wall pays tribute to American Psycho with a well-done hipster remake.


Zoe Saldana Will Give Birth To ‘Rosemary’s Baby’… In A Miniseries

By | 4 Comments

'Rosemary's Baby' is about to be remade, but at least it's got Zoe Saldana in it.

Warner Bros.

Josh Gad Will Write And Star In A ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Movie

By | 36 Comments

Warner Bros. is tapping the retro TV show well again, as Josh Gad will write and star in a 'Gilligan's Island' movie.


Here Is ‘Home Alone’ Retold By Pug Puppies

By | 4 Comments

In this video that is sure to warm your cold, dark hearts, pug puppies help retell the story of 'Home Alone.'

why god why?

MGM is Remaking ‘Road House’ with the Director of ‘Alex Cross’ Because They Hate You

By | 50 Comments

For no reason other than CHA-CHING, MGM is remaking the 1989 Patrick Swayze cult classic Road House.


5 Great British Shows America Got Right With Remakes And 5 They Cocked Up

Promoted by The Wrong Mans

Let's take a look back at five great British shows America miraculously got right and five they cocked up royally when attempting to translate them across the pond.


WATCH: Samuel L. Jackson says America is Robophobic in new Robocop trailer

By | 37 Comments

Samuel L. Jackson calls America Robo-Phobic, and other madness in the brand-new trailer for Sony's Robocop remake directed by Jose Padilha.


No, There Isn’t A New ‘Full House’ Series Being Made, You Gullible Rubes

By | 11 Comments

That "Full House" sequel everyone is reporting today is based on a seven-month-old April Fool's joke. JOURNALISM.


A ‘Pet Sematary’ Remake Is On The Way

By | 14 Comments

'Pet Sematary' is being remade, as Hollywood rediscovers Stephen King. Again.

what's in the box?!

'Hellraiser' Is Being Remade… With Clive Barker And Doug Bradley

By | 10 Comments

But unlike most remakes, 'Hellraiser' will have Clive Barker and Doug Bradley.


Clive Barker Will Write The 'Hellraiser' Remake, Starring Doug Bradley As Pinhead

By | 14 Comments

Very rarely do we hear a tale of a classic film being remade not only with the original writer and director, but also the star.


Review: Why The ‘Carrie’ Remake Fails

By | 19 Comments

The 'Carrie' remake now in theaters is, a few bright spots aside, a depressing misfire. And in multiple ways, to boot.

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