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Here’s The Macho Man Remix Of ‘Uptown Funk’ You’ve Been Waiting For

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Like 'Uptown Funk' by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars? You'll like it more with Macho Man Randy Savage rapping in it.


Pharrell And His Hat Treck To Japan For A Remix With A Humanoid Pop Star Persona


Pharrell remixed a song for a virtual popstar and it's strange and interesting.


McConaughey's 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Chest Thump Gets An Awesome Remix

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Matthew McConaughey's chest thump scene in Wolf of Wall Street finally got the awesome remix song it deserved.


The NFL Teams As Corporate Logos Will Get You Excited About Synergy Or Whatever


A Logo Remixes Tumblr turned every NFL logo into a corporate logo, in case you weren't feeling soulless and faceless enough already.

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The Wildest Things In The World (Steve Irwin Tribute Remix)


A musical tribute to the legendary conservationist and crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin.

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Here’s The Rob Ford Remix Of Jay-Z’s ‘Tom Ford’ You’ve All Been Waiting For


Well, you knew the Rob Ford/Tom Ford remix was probably coming. And now it's here. The internet is a goddamn beautiful thing, isn't it?


A Pissed Off Sound Engineer Made A Revenge Remix For The Hardcore Band That Stiffed Him

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Don't pay your sound engineer, and you'll discover the joys of the revenge remix.


Because You Can’t Get Enough Of ‘Get Lucky’ Daft Punk Has Made A 10-Minute Remix For You

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Well we knew a "Get Lucky" remix was coming -- there was a trailer for one out there, after all. And now it's here.


Sing Together: A Mister Rogers Remix


PBS Digital Studios created a fun remix of Fred Rogers singing, playing musical instruments, and offering priceless advice.


The 5 Best Remixes And Covers Of Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’

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Even though "Random Access Memories" is barely a week old, there are tons of great covers, remixes and mashups of tracks from the new album.


Goat Lucky (Daft Punk Goat Remix)


Daft Punk's newest single "Get Lucky" gets the inevitable goat remix treatment.


Painful Ski Jump Fail (Funny Remix)


Norwegian skier Sebastian Olsen tried a big jump for the first time and it didn't go very well.


The Hangover: Horror Edition


What if The Hangover was a horror film.


Learning The Alphabet With Nicolas Cage


A quick lesson, courtesy of Vampire's Kiss (1988).

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DINKSTEP – A Peter Dinklage Remix


Peter Dinklage is one of the finest actors of this generation, and now he gets the dubstep remix he so richly deserves.


Taylor Swift: Nicolas Cage Remix


Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” gets a lift from Nicolas Cage.

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