Esso Feat. Chase Kennedy – “Summertime Fly”


Summer is the time for hammocks and lazy days and Esso McFly's next single is pure reflection of such.


Esso – #yandilife Mixtape

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<a href=""> Only particular persona's can appreciate the finer things in life and the stupid genius, <a href="">Esso</a> is a regular art connoisseur.


Esso – The Anti-Socialite

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<a href=""> Detaching yourself from society can lead to deeper to problem other than "missing out" on life and from most psyhological standpoints, is considered a mental health issue. But don't tell that <a href="">Esso</a>.

The Anti Socialite

Esso’s NY State Of Mind

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<a href=""> These New Yooorkers are a such a proud bunch. You won't hear zip about the Yankees in July but come October, everybody can spout out CC Sabathia stats like grammar school timetables. Everybody swore <a href="">Jay-Z's "Empire Of State Of Mind"</a> was cheesy, but catch a NY native out of their jurisdiction, you'd think they were Shawn Corey's ghostwriter.


ESSO – “Sex You Up 2010″

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Ladies (and we're talking to YOU, Angela Yee), <a href="">ESSO</a> wants you to color him badd and skip the needless offerings of stale Anthony Thomas goodies, roses that will wilt by the week's end and get right into the action.

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