Watch This Pushy News Reporter Get Owned By A Daycare Employee

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In this awkward interview, a local news reporter tries to accuse a daycare director of not following adequate safety practices.


A Judge Actually Ruled That It’s Legal For People To Yell ‘Howard Stern’s Penis’ On TV

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A New York judge dismissed a 'Booey Bomb' case yesterday, claiming that while it's 'inappropriate,' it's not illegal.


A CBS Chicago Reporter Was Attacked By An Obama Protester While NBC Filmed It

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CBS Chicago's Jay Levine had a scary moment when an Obama protester grabbed his microphone, and NBC Chicago's camera crew recorded the whole thing.


Let This Local Reporter’s Thumb Show You The First Blooper Of The NCAA Tournament


WJAR reporter Frank Carpano had a little mix-up reporting the Providence Friars' Big East Tournament win that is sending them to the NCAA Tournament.


This Reporter In Sochi Just Does Not Want To Try Any Russian Food, Okay?

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In this compilation, a Pennsylvania reporter in Sochi for the Winter Olympics is repeatedly asked about Russian food, and he just won't seem to try it.


An Atlanta NBC Anchor Took Christin Cooper To Task For Her Bode Miller Interview

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Brenda Wood of Atlanta's NBC affiliate had some harsh words for Christin Cooper's interview of Bode Miller at the Winter Olympics.


NBC’s Olympics Executive Producer Isn’t Sorry For Making Us Watch Bode Miller Cry

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Jim Bell, the executive producer of NBC's 2014 Winter Olympics broadcast, said that he's not sorry that Christin Cooper pushed Bode Miller to tears.


Here’s New York Republican Michael Grimm Threatening To Throw A Reporter Off Balcony

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Oh nothing to see here, just a NY Congressman threatening to break a reporter in half "like a boy".


An Atlanta TV Reporter Called The Police On A Guy And Then Things Got Weird

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A TV reporter in Atlanta discovered a man passed out in his truck on the highway, and of course he started acting crazy and deadly.


The Ultimate Sideline Reporter Fail Compilation


The most entertaining clips of sideline reporter mishaps, all in one video.


Will You Enjoy This Sports Reporter Fails Compilation? “That’s A Sh*tty Question.”

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I write a lot of jokes about sports, so sometimes it's nice to remember that I'm totally full of shit and athletes hate me.


With Leather’s Watch This: See You Next Fall, Nick Collins. See You Next Fall.

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SSN’s Nick Collins was giving everyone the lowdown on the England-Scotland match on top of a ladder outside of Wembley Stadium, and if you have a working brain, you probably know that if I post a video that mentions a guy on a ladder, it’s probably going to end in the best way possible.


Way To Eschew Traditional Gender Roles, Jim Knox

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We've all been there, especially if we've ever waited tables.


Meredith Marakovits Attempts The Fresh Prince Theme Song, Fails, Is Celebrated Anyway

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It's time we held people who attempt to sing the 'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' theme song to a higher standard.


Philly Reporter Sigourney McCleaf Invents The ‘Tongue Twat’ (And Morning Links)

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Okay, maybe she didn't invent it, but here's Sigourney McCleaf, ace on-the-scene reporter for PHL17, celebrating Cliff Lee's 1600th strikeout with a real Tongue twat.


Vitor Belfort Is Sorry That He Wanted To Beat A Guy Up For Asking About TRT

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After his first round KO over former Strikeforce middleweight champ Luke Rockhold at UFC on FX 8, Vitor Belfort was questioned by MMA journalist John Morgan about his use of the controversial testosterone-replacement therapy and he responded by asking, “Can somebody beat him up for me, please.


Reporter Nearly Dies After Taking Incredibly Dangerous, Dumb Selfie

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A sports reporter turned her back on a baseball game to take a selfie, and nearly paid the ultimate price.


The Ghost Of Christopher Lloyd Saved Rays Reporter Kelly Nash From An Instagram Death

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What you're looking at is the best-possible and most serendipitous sports "selfie" you can take.


Reporter Soaked by Politician’s Wife


Reporter Michael Putney sees a sign that reads "trespassers will be wet" on a front door.

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