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5 Long-Running Video Game Series That Won't Survive The Next Generation


The next generation may just be the death of some of your favorite video game series...

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‘Resident Evil 6′ Did Not Sell Many Games Past Its First Week


'Resident Evil 6' sold 4.5 million copies its first week... and apparently, not a single one since.

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Five Reasons ‘Resident Evil 6′ Saved The Franchise… And Capcom, To Boot


'Resident Evil 6' is not a classic game. But it's a game that sells, and to Capcom, that may be more important.


‘Resident Evil 6′: The Review


Resident Evil 6 is not nearly as bad as you've heard.

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‘Resident Evil 6′: Initial Impressions


'Resident Evil 6' has love it or hate it reviews, but so far, it's a take-it-or-leave-it game.

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Uh Oh. Turns Out ‘Resident Evil 6′ May Be A Real Biohazard


The reviews are coming in and they aren't pretty...


Conan O'Brien Plays 'Resident Evil 6', Makes His First In-Game Kill

Conan O'Brien snagged a pre-release copy of 'Resident Evil 6' to play for his 'Clueless Gamer' segment, and now the 'Resident Evil 6' logo cannot be unseen.


Conan O'Brien Reviews 'Resident Evil 6'

In the latest installment of his "Clueless Gamer" series, Conan O'Brien hilariously reviews a preview copy of Resident Evil 6.

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Play As Ada Wong! Play As a Zombie! Spider Lady Boobs! Resident Evil 6 Has It All. Here’s Some New Footage


A new scenario and multiplayer mode have been unveiled for the already rather overstuffed Resident Evil 6. Also, spider lady boobs...

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Resident Evil 6 To Contain Boobs, Just Not The Boobs You’re Hoping For. Also, Here’s A New Trailer


There will be boobs in Resident Evil 6, but you probably want to read the rest of this article before you get too excited.

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'Resident Evil 6': The Demo

We got our hands on the Resident Evil 6 demo and we've been chewing it over.

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It's a Capcompalooza — New Trailers for Resident Evil 6, Devil May Cry, Lost Planet 3 and Dragon's Dogma


About a week ago Capcom gave the media a peek at it's 2012 line-up at their Captivate press event in Rome, and this morning all the trailers from the event were "leaked" online.

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It Had to Happen Eventually — Fast Zombies Infiltrate Resident Evil 6

So, zombies are finally back in Resident Evil 6, but they're not the zombies you remember.

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