A San Francisco Restaurant Has Stepped Up To The Plate To Wage War On Yelp

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Yelp has been revealed to be the online mafia to business owners and one San Francisco restaurant isn't taking it lying down.

olive garden

People Are Incredibly Pissed Off At Olive Garden Over The $100 Pasta Pass

By | 30 Comments

Who would have thought that people not getting an Olive Garden Pasta Pass would have led to hilarious outrage on the restaurant's Facebook?


‘Not A Burger Stand’ Is The Burbank Joint With The Coolest Chalkboard Specials

By | 11 Comments

Burbank's Not a Burger Stand is a comfort food restaurant that kicks thing up a notch by offering a 10% discount for character impressions.


The Greek Restaurant From This Old Video Of A Brawl Appreciates The Free Publicity

By | 5 Comments

People have been calling a Greek restaurant in Australia with concern after an old video of a crazy brawl between customers is going viral.


Let’s Guess The Menu At GWAR’s Restaurant, GWARbar

By | 2 Comments

GWAR is opening a restaurant, GWARbar, so obviously we have to name the dishes on the menu.


WhatsApplebee’s Is The New iPhone App That Is So Dumb You’ll Believe It’s Real

By | 5 Comments

Created as a joke, WhatsApplebee's is still a real social networking app that people can use to meet other Applebee's diners.


Polish Your Monocles, Because Taco Bell Is Going Fancy On Our Asses

By | 19 Comments

Taco Bell is going after the Chipotle crowd now with a new restaurant in Huntington Beach known as the U.S. Taco Co. and Urban Tap Room.

‘You Sacks Of Goat Sperm Had No Idea What You Had': Restaurant Leaves Best Closure Notice Ever

By | 4 Comments

The owners of this Italian restaurant weren't afraid to share their feelings in their closure notice.


All Of The Arguing About Drew Brees’ $3 Tip Is Just Plain Stupid

By | 10 Comments

Between <a href="" target="_blank">Aaron Hernandez’s murder charges</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Riley Cooper’s open invitation</a> for safeties to decapitate him and even Johnny Manziel supposedly lowering his draft stock <a href="" target="_blank">for being a typical college bro</a>, I thought that the NFL’s writers who don’t like doing actual reporting on teams and players and simply prefer sticking to moral brow-beating and soap box finger-wagging.


Yelpers Go To Town On Pizzeria After 4Chan Posts Photo Of Someone Allegedly Masturbating In The Kitchen

By | 8 Comments

The owner of Jersey Joe's Pizzeria in San Diego claims an ex-employee is behind some images on 4Chan that show someone masturbating in his kitchen.


Paula Deen’s Brother Says Her Restaurants Are Doing Better Than Ever

By | 14 Comments

As Paula Deen's fans threaten to boycott the Food Network, her brother told TMZ that her restaurants are "slammed" and business is stronger than ever.


Flavor Flav's Chicken And Ribs Is No More

By | 3 Comments

Police in Sterling Heights, Michigan served Flavor Flav's Chicken and Ribs restaurant with an eviction notice today and changed the locks on the employees.


Hulk Hogan Is Now Opening Tampa’s Most Incredible ‘Breastaurant’

By | 22 Comments

Hot off of <a href="">the sex tape scandal that absolutely nobody on this planet ever asked for</a> – except maybe <a href="">the “It’s still real to me!” guy</a> – TNA Impact Wrestling superstar/general manager Hulk Hogan has proudly announced his next big step in choking the life out of his cultural relevance.


Women Labeled ‘Fat Girls’ on Restaurant Receipt


Some restaurant checks are more painful than others.


Mark Zuckerberg Is An Exceptionally Bad Tipper, Say Restaurant Employees

By | 10 Comments

You'd think that a newly minted multi-billionaire celebrating his honeymoon with his bride in Italy wouldn't be shy about letting some of his wealth "trickle down" to the little people like the waiters and waitresses who served him when he visited some of Rome's fine dining establishments.


“Wahlburgers” is now open for business. (And could soon be a reality show).

By | 28 Comments

Having to sit on the sidelines while Burnsy wrote up that <a href="" target="_blank">last story</a> about Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Whitey Bulger gave me a serious case of Boston-vernacular blue balls.


Mark & Donnie Wahlberg Opening ‘Wahlburgers’ Restaurant. No, Really.

By | 39 Comments

In what sounds like the awesomest, movie-<a href="" target="_blank">themed food truck idea</a> we never came up with, Mark Wahlberg, along with his brother Donnie Wahlberg, will be opening a restaurant called "Wahlburgers.

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