MTV Not Responsible For 'Real World' Cast Members Getting Raped and Contracting AIDS

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When "The Real World" debuted twenty years ago, it was about seven reasonably intelligent strangers trying to make their way in New York City.


Maybe the Dumbest Woman in America

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I'm warning you: this clip from "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.


Paris Hilton Is Mad, Dumb

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There was a period of time in America where Paris Hilton garnered attention and headlines everywhere she went, thanks to the twin assault of a hit reality show ('The Simple Life") and getting stuffed in nightvision.


The birthers are underterred

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If you're an eternal optimist and thought that maybe, just maybe, this morning's perfect storm of lunacy would result in the birther set going off quietly into the night, you were, well, sadly mistaken.


‘Glee’ Sucks at Math

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One of my favorite pastimes is making fun of "Glee," so of course this screencap from Reddit makes for good fodder.


Special Olympics Guy: Don’t Say ‘Retard’

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Last night, Special Olympics CEO Tim Shriver was Stephen Colbert's guest on "The Colbert Report," and the entire interview (see video below) was centered on Shriver's campaign to get people to stop using the word "retarded" to describe people with mental disabilities.


‘Strange Addictions’ Glass Eater: FLORIDA OR OHIO?

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Once again, it's time to play our favorite game: FLORIDA OR OHIO.

viral video

Fountain Lady Doesn’t Think It’s Funny

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This security camera footage of a woman falling into a mall fountain because she's too busy texting went viral on bodily harm happening.


Oprah’s Audience Is Terrifying, Insane

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On Friday, Oprah did her last-ever "Favorite Things" show in which she plays Santa Claus and gives away tons of free crap.


Sarah Palin Sets TLC Ratings Record

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The debut of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on TLC drew about 5 million viewers, which is a record for a series premiere on that channel.

soap operas

‘Days of Our Lives’ Is the Best Soap Opera. At Product Placement, Anyway.

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Comedienne Kristen Schaal -- who's probably best known as Mel from "Flight of the Conchords" and as a contributor to "The Daily Show" -- Except to call them "product placements" insinuates that they're in some way subtle; rather, these are full-blown ads inserted into the story, as if viewers haven't gotten any savvier since the 1950s (note: most soap opera viewers HAVEN'T gotten any savvier since the 1950s).


Guh. Trailer for ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’

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Here's the trailer for "Sarah Palin's Alaska," which will air -- where else.


HBO’s Married Retard Documentary

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Tonight, HBO will air "Monica & David," a documentary about two married people with Down syndrome (watch the trailer below).


JWoww’s Pro Wrestling Debut: Needs More Jell-O (Video)

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Jenni Farley, better known as JWoww on "Jersey Shore," made an appearance on TNA Impact, collecting a reported $15,000 for a brief showdown with a Snooki lookalike.


Worst. Media Company. Ever.

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Here at Warming Glow, I do my best to focus on actual television news and clips, and spare you from the cesspool of handjobs and lobotomies that passes for journalism in Hollywood.


Here Are The Discovery Hostage Taker’s Insane and Retarded Demands

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While the hostage scenario at Discovery Networks headquarters is still ongoing, more details are beginning to emerge about the gunman and his demands.


New ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 3 Promo

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This new "Sons of Anarchy" promo debuted last week, and I've only just now become aware of it because I'm only one man, okay.


Reality TV People Still Not Here to Make Friends

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My weeklong vacation means I missed the 2010 version of "I'm Not Here to Make Friends," created by fourfour and hosted by Videogum.


‘Mad Men’ Season 4 Poster

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The poster for the fourth season of AMC's "Mad Men" has been released, and wouldn't you know it.

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