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Jon Stewart Is Going To Announce His Retirement From ‘The Daily Show’ Tonight

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Jon Stewart will officially announce tonight that he is stepping down from 'The Daily Show'.

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Microsoft Has Decided To Finally Get Rid Of Internet Explorer

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Microsoft's Internet Explorer is finally headed for that great Recycle Bin in the sky.


Suspended NFL Superstar Adrian Peterson Is Hinting That He May Retire And Pursue His Olympic Dreams

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His appeal for reinstatement rejected, suspended NFL star Adrian Peterson is throwing around the words "retirement" and "Olympics".


Celebrate Yves Edwards’ Retirement With The Thugjitsu Master’s Career Highlights


Yves Edwards retired, so here are some great moments from the career of the Thugjistu Master.

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Quentin Tarantino Says He Will Probably Retire After Making His Tenth Film

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Quentin Tarantino is trying to get 'The Hateful Eight' to the screen, but he's already looking past it towards the end of his career.


Report: Ray Allen’s Agent Denies Cavs Story, Says Allen Still May Retire


On Saturday, we relayed the report Ray Allen had decided to forestall his retirement and a future plaque in Springfield to play next season.


A Queens Strip Club Is Offering Derek Jeter A Lifetime Pass As If He Needs It


As if he even needs it, Derek Jeter is now welcome at the Show Palace strip club any time he'd like, free of charge.


Leave The Snake Puppet Memories Alone: Santino Marella Has Announced His Retirement

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WWE Superstar Santino Marella has ended his in-ring career per an announcement made at a live event on Sunday. Son a ma gun.


Tim Duncan Explains Why He Didn’t Retire On “Late Night With David Letterman”


After Tim Duncan won his fifth NBA Championship earlier this month, many felt the 14-time all-star, two-time MVP and three-time Finals MVP could possibly call it quits.


Tim Duncan Revealed To David Letterman Why He’s Sticking Around Another Year

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On tonight's 'Late Show,' Tim Duncan tells David Letterman that he still has another good year in him, much to Spurs fans' delight.


A Salute To The Retiring Shane Battier

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He won an NCAA National Championship with Duke, and two more with the Miami Heat, but Shane Battier is following through on his plans to retire after the 2013-14 season concluded Sunday night.


Report: Ray Allen Debating Retirement This Summer


Ray Allen, the future hall-of-fame shooting guard will turn 39 next month and, while currently battling to help the Heat get back into the NBA Finals series against the Spurs, informed Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe that retirement is an option after the season ends.

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One Of The Walley World Roller Coasters From ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ Is Closing

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Six Flags Magic Mountain is closing the Colossus roller coaster after 36 years, which included a role in 'National Lampoon's Vacation.'


Alex Trebek Discusses Retirement, Plans To Go Out Like Keyser Soze

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Alex Trebek will retire one day. Here's how he plans to do it.


Chelsea Handler Spills The Beans To Conan About Her Impending Retirement And Future Plans

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Chelsea Handler stopped by 'Conan' to talk about her escape from the E! Network and her murky future in entertainment.

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Jimmy Fallon Honored David Letterman’s Retirement With A Top Ten List Of His Own

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Jimmy Fallon took one of David Letterman's legendary bits and used it to honor the retiring late night host.


Watch David Letterman Announce His Retirement To A Standing Ovation

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David Letterman indeed announced his retirement from 'The Late Show' today, and his studio audience gave him a huge round of applause.


Derek Jeter Announces (From Atop A Pile Of Money Surrounded By Many Beautiful Women) That The 2014 Season Will Be His Last

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New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter announced via Facebook that the 2014 MLB season would be his last, ending a 20-season career and an amazing tail trail.

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Shia LaBeouf Announces He’s ‘Retiring From Public Life’ Because Of ‘Attacks On My Artistic Integrity’

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Shia Labeouf announces he's retiring from public life "in light of recent attacks on my artistic integrity." Quick, someone hire a skywriter to draw a giant frownie face!

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