TSS Presents Better Late Than Never Vol. 2

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We'll keep it all the way 100 with you, TSS Family.

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With E-40

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For over 20 years, Vallejo, California-born E-40 has stayed on the map, fulfilling his role as the self-proclaimed "Ambassador of the Bay.

Revenue Retrievin'

E-40 Feat. Stressmatic – “My Lil Grimey N*gga” Video

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The dirt underneath <a href="">40's</a> fingernails speaks for itself.

Vinnie Paz

TSS Presents Better Late Than Never Vol. 1

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<a href=""> Time has a not-so-funny way of passing us by. As we, TSS Crew strive to give you our earnest and admittedly, unquestionable opinions on the albums of the day, sometimes even a couple projects slip through our impenetrable reviewing hands. Take a SXSW here and a couple trips to New York there, the missed calls begin to pile up. So as we enter the quarter of our Hip-Hop fiscal year, here's our chance to blow secondhand smoke on some of 2010's offerings. As always, there's <a href="">the good, the bad and the in-between</a>.


E-40 Now Has A Soapbox Too, Gotty™

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<a href=""> It's painfully obvious Gotty™ and E-40 have the same mailman and argue about whose hedges cross the lines of the residency. He too, now has <a href="">a soapbox</a>.

The Hundreds

For The Free: E-40 x The Hundreds T-Shirt & CD Giveaway

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Every hustler worth their weight in their product knows the grind continues day and night.

We Got Now

Cousin Fik – No Gravity

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This may be the first time you’ve read the name Cousin Fik.

too short

E-40 Feat. Too Short, Snoop Dogg and Jazze Pha – “Can’t Stop The Boss”

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<a href="">Charlie Hustle</a> stays <a href="">Revenue Retrievin'</a> with "You Can't Stop The Boss," a sky-high toast to the lifestyles of the rich and pimpinist, featuring fellow hip-hop Hall of Famers <a href="">Too $hort</a> and <a href="">The Boss Dogg Snoop</a>.

too short

E-40 Feat. Too $hort “B#tch Feat”/”Over The Stove” Video

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E-Fonzarelli and <a href="">$hort Dawg</a> take <a href="">another</a> stab it as they serve and collect for that <a href="">Revenue Retrievin'</a> dropping March 30th.

too short

E-40 Feat. Too $hort – “Show Me What You Working With”

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If it's the Bay people <a href="">want</a>, the Bay they shall get.

Rick Rock

E-40 – “The Server”

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As if <a href="">the writeup for the video</a> didn't get you amped for the track, <a href="">Young Earl</a> wants each of you to personally upload his latest banger on your iPods and/or mix CDs and take this heavy dosage of pimpalation he's bestowed on the game.

Rick Rock

E-40 – “The Server” Video

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<a href="">40 Wata</a> stays innnovating.

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