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Russell Brand May Be Retiring From Acting: ‘I’m Not Interested In Making Money Anymore.’

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"I'm not interested in making money anymore," Russell Brand tells the Financial Times.

russell brand

Russell Brand’s Revolution Is Chugging Along As He Calls For ‘Bukkake’ On The Faces Of Corporations

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Calling for bukkake is a good way for Russell Brand to raise awareness for his cause and disgust those with an urge to Google search.

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Comic-Con 2013 Day One: Everything Else That Went Down In One Handy Gallery

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With so much happening at Comic-Con 2013 on the first day, here's a handy gallery to let you know about some of the stuff we all missed.


What’s On Tonight: The ‘Revolution’ Will Be Televised, Though Not Watched

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The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including the season finale of "Revolution."


7 Boneheaded Steps To Go From A First Place Network To A Last Place Network In Six Weeks!

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NBC went from first to last place in a short period of time. How? By following these 7 boneheaded steps.


What's On Tonight: Led Zeppelin Songs On 'Revolution'

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The best and worst of what's on TV tonight, including an episode "Revolution" featuring songs from Led Zeppelin.


Expect A Lot More Genre TV Shows Next Season

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So, yeah, science fiction starts sweeps controlling the airwaves.


NBC's Midseason Schedule Changes A Reminder Of Why NBC Is Terrible

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A look at NBC's mid-season changes, including the return of 'Celebrity Apprentice' and 'Betty White's Off Their Rocker.'


Cancellation Watch: Ranking All The New Network Shows By Their Nielsen Ratings

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Cancellation Watch: Which new network shows are performing well, and which will soon get the axe?

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The 3 New Shows That Have Already Been Given Full Season Pick Ups (And The 1 That Won’t)

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The Peacock ordered an additional nine episodes for three of their shows, unlike a certain Fox series, which is about to get cancelled.


Millions Time-Shift Their Disappointment As NBC’s ‘Revolution’ Sets DVR Record

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After DVR viewership is accounted for, 'Revolution' transformed from a modest hit to a huge hit, while several other shows in last week received big boosts.


The Network Ratings Winners And Losers From The First Week Of The New Season

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A look at the ratings winners and losers, and everything in between from the first week of the network television season.


The Chicago Cubs Can’t Even Win The World Series In Fictional Wastelands

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In new TV shows that didn’t necessarily look great but I still wanted to watch and eventually forgot news, NBC’s new apocalyptic drama Revolution <a href="">debuted to pretty solid ratings</a> on Monday night.


Five Reasons I Don’t Want A ‘Revolution’

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'Revolution' is about a world without electricity. The writing staff live in a world without thought.


What's On Tonight: Does Anyone Want To Start (Watching) A 'Revolution'?

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The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including the series premieres of "Revolution" and "The Mob Doctor."


Might Gus Fring Return To ‘Breaking Bad’?

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Giancarlo Esposito says there's discussion that his character, Gus Fring, might return in the second half of season five of "Breaking Bad."


How To Determine If A J.J. Abrams’ Show Will Be Any Good Before Watching It

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A look over J.J. Abrams' television career, and how to determine if one of his shows will succeed without watching it.


Here’s A Preview Of Gus Fring’s Moronic New NBC Show, ‘Revolution’

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An extended preview of the new NBC show, <I>Revolution</i>, producing by J.J. Abrams, directed by Jon Favreau, and starring Giancarlo Esposito.


Ranking NBC's New Fall Shows, from Best to Worst, Based on their Preview Clips

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This week is the upfronts, in which the networks present their new schedules and preview the shows they've picked up for the fall and spring season.

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