Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Tyler Perry's Sherlock Holmes

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As every moment brings us closer to death, every Tuesday brings us more new old movies to watch at home.


T-Pain – “Default Picture”

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As it turns out, T-Pain's RevolveR finally hits shelves this week after several push backs and failed singles.

The Heir Up There

Loosies: T-Pain & R. Kelly Take Center Stage, SL Jones Gets Gassed, Chase N. Cashe & Bei Maejor


After what seems like two years of promotion, Thelonious Pain will finally release Revolver this Tuesday.

T Wayne

T-Pain Feat. Lil Wayne – “Bang Bang”

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Writing "Bang Bang" off as just another record from "T-Wayne" is easy, on first glance at least.


T-Pain Feat. Detail – “Nothin'” Video


Guess who's REALLY focused on promoting their album this year.


T-Pain – “Drowning Again” Video

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Teddy Pain is swimming in his sorrow and tattoo tears but fans should be rejoicing that he's releasing his first solo album in three years with RevolveR.

Wiz Khalifa

T-Pain Feat. Lily Allen & Wiz Khalifa – “5 O’Clock” Video

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About three weeks after the mp3 surfaced, T-Pain takes matters into his own hands and releases the video for his Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa assisted subtle number, "5 O'Clock.

Wiz Khalifa

T-Pain Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen – “5 O’Clock”

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You ever ponder how differently T-Pain's career would've panned out had Jay not recorded "D.


2.8 The Cooler

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Milan Kimble Lil Wayne Pays Back $1.13 Million In Taxes [HHDX] The 6 Cutest Animals That Can Still Destroy You [Nature Animals] T-Pain Says He’s Going To Leak His Own Album [TUD] Naturi Naughton To Become Playboy Bunny [Vibe] The Most Powerful Colors on the [...].

T Wayne

T-Wayne (Lil Wayne & T-Pain) Feat. Smoke – “Hoes & Ladies”

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As much as I'd like to say T-Wayne's "Hoes & Ladies" grabbed my attention because of the song's sense of humor, breezy beat or maybe for giving one of the Field Mob dudes something to be thankful for this week, my real reasoning is far less complimentary.

Young Jeezy

T-Pain Feat. Young Jeezy – “Reverse Cowgirl”

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Teddy Pain attempts to Auto-Tune another hit with "Reverse Cowgirl," an ode to.



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The Guy Ritchie/Brad Pitt/Jason Statham classic Snatch comes out on Blu-Ray tomorrow, and in support of its release, they asked if I would sponsor a giveaway for wheel less caravan.

#Jay Z

Teddy Pain & The Indeterminate Road To A Resurrection

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The power of influence is a lethal weapon.



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(Revolver Opening Title Sequence) Watch the trailer for Revolver hereAfter Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch (love Mickey, but Lock Stock is the superior movie), Guy Ritchie durst spectacularly with his Madonna-starring remake of Swept Away (which, at 5% recommended on RT, was even more universally reviled than Lady in the Water and The Number 23).

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