Was Last Night’s NCAA Championship Loss John Calipari’s Final Game With Kentucky?


Former Kentucky player Rex Chapman seems to think that John Calipari is as good as signed as the next coach of the Lakers.


Lakers Deny Rex Chapman Rumor John Calipari Will Coach Lakers Next Year

While John Calipari was busy consoling the devastated youngsters he coaches for Kentucky following UConn's 60-54 win over them in the NCAA Title game, he also had to deal with former NBA player Rex Chapman tweeting that Calipari was going to Los Angeles to coach the Lakers next season.

Tom Chambers

6 White Men Who Can Jump

Since Grantland did their oral history of the iconic Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson streetball buddy comedy, White Men Can't Jump, we thought there were exceptions to stereotype.


The Forgotten: 5 Players The NBA Needs To Bring Back


Dwight Howard hears your concerns, especially you Magic fans out there.

Wes Unseld

Kentucky vs. Louisville: The All-Time Alumni Showdown


Though situated on the holy grounds of SEC football, the state of Kentucky is just as basketball-obsessed as traditional hotbeds like North Carolina, Indiana and New York.

#LeBron James

Monsters vs. ATLiens


As this edition of Smack is being written, ESPN's 24-hour marathon of college hoops is underway.

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