Rick Ross & French Montana – “Straight Off The Boat” Video

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Let's not forget, Rick Ross' finest compilation of music this year came with the aggressive and brilliantly cohesive Rich Forever.

Rick Ross

Rick Ross – “Swear To God” Video

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Certain people I've talked to loved Rich Forever, but the majority felt that Rozay's latest mixtape was cohesive to the point of being flawed, the majority of the songs sounding similar.

Rick Ross

Rick Ross – “High Definition” Video

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While I personally still think Rich Forever is a gaudy project of meh in a Maybach, the one thing that is agreeable is that Rozay definitely knows how to step on a package and make it look there's a show worth shelling gold ducats out for.

Spiff TV

Rick Ross – “MMG Untouchable” Video

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Ricky Rozay offers up a Valentine's Day gift in the form of his "MMG Untouchable" video, directed by Spliff TV.

Rick Ross

Rick Ross – “Yella Diamonds” Video

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I don't know bout you guys, but I've spent the last few weeks playing Rich Forever over and over again.


Notable Quotable – 2 Chainz On “F*ck ‘Em”

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"Migo hit my Boost, Migo hit my Boost What you know about walking in the Gucci store and they salute.


Rick Ross – Rich Forever Mixtape

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Only a few months ago, Rick Ross' career momentum was momentarily crippled by a series of seizures.

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