Bad Meets Evil Feat. Bruno Mars – “Lighters” Video

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A sharp contrast to the "Writer's Block" <a href="">disco inferno</a>, Bad Meets Evil's "Lighters" glows to a much more subtle flame.


Willow Smith – “21st Century Girl” Video

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<a href=""> True, girls just wanna have fun, but this ain't your auntie's Cyndi Lauper. <a href="">Willow Smith</a> is in full effect, shouldering an entire millennium on her pubescent french braids with a smile that you can't help but love.

Skylar Grey

Dirty Money – “Coming Home” Video

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<a href=""> Jay Electronica may have not got onboard but Diddy isn't losing any sleep as his train to Parie is apparently still en route. Home is where the hatred is so Diddy and the girls are headed to the place where everybody knows your name: DUBAI. Seriously, if you have ever so much as been in a commercial in the United States, the people over in that desert will dub you a honorary monarch. Diddy is too cool for sunblock as he treks the waterless grounds with a chili bowl and leather jacket but it's can't stop, won't stop til his heart stops and you gotta respect it. The album supposedly drops on December 14th and I'm'll <a href="">change your life</a>.


The “M” In MTV Stands For Minaj

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<a href=""> Fix your face and your television sets! It's Pink Friday, hoe! Big Nittie Ticki is getting her Harajuku hustle on with not one but two videos to pump feminine colors into your bloodstream. Up first, The Japanese Jetsons meet B.E.P. for some Auto-Tuned madness and demonstrating his air masturbation techniques for the "<a href="">Check It Out</a>" video.


Eminem – “Not Afraid” Video

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<a href=""> Nobody ever really talks about the "after." Sure, when a person is at there peak or lowest point, there's usually that rallying of attention, which could be there to reinforce positive and/or negative energies. Still, it isn't a solo mission. What happens after that when the concern is lessened and you're deemed healthy enough to go at this thing called life alone? The solitude could be the scariest journey of all. Of course, Eminem has adamantly stated he's not afraid of his will to live. Shot by all-purpose filmmaker <a href="">Rich Lee</a>, visualize the rebuilding steps to a full-fledged <a href="">Recovery</a> from one of the game's most conflicted talents.

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