Richard Linklater Says His Mind ‘Has Drifted Towards’ A Possible Sequel To ‘Boyhood’

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Despite falling short at the Oscars, Richard Linklater might seek to make a sequel to 'Boyhood.'


Richard Linklater Celebrated 30 Years Meat-Free With A ‘Boyhood’ Parody Called ‘Veghood’

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In 1985, Richard Linklater decided to stop eating meat. Over the next 30 years, he made YouTube (and animal rights) history.

Boy Meets World

This ‘Boyhood’ And ‘Boy Meets World’ Mashup Is Far More Powerful Than It Should Be

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This is a brilliant video mash-up of the movie 'Boyhood' and the show 'Boy Meets World' and it works freakishly well.


Ethan Hawke Looks Back On The Logistical Nightmare Behind Making ‘Boyhood’

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Ethan Hawke talks to David Letterman about the 12 years it took to put 'Boyhood' on film and the logistical problems that followed it.

#This Week In Posters

This Week In Posters: Tak3n It 2 The Limit

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Who wants to see Matthew McConaughey, Sylvester Stallone in a Trilby, and Channing Tatum's elf ears?


Here’s Mark Duplass’s 1995 Review Of ‘Before Sunrise’ From His High School Newspaper

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Director and The League star Mark Duplass reviewed a Richard Linklater movie when he was just a wee child.


‘You Farted During Boyhood’ Is Our New Favorite Craigslist Missed Connection

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Boyhood is the rare great movie that could be made even greater with the addition of an opportune fart.


Richard Linklater Tells Us What To Do When Someone Talks Or Texts During A Movie

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Are you trying to enjoy a movie but someone is babbling during it? Richard Linklater explains what to do in that moment.


In Honor Of ‘Boyhood': A Look Back At The ‘Before’ Trilogy, A Lotta Years Later

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With 'Boyhood' opening in a handful more cities, we take a look back at Richard Linklater's 'Sunrise/Sunset' trilogy to see if it's worth revisiting.


‘Boyhood’ Producer Offers ‘Time Back Guarantee’ To Anyone Who Thinks It’s A Waste Of Time

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'Boyhood' producer John Sloss has made a promise to anyone who says his movie was a waste of their time.


Richard Linklater’s 12-Years-In-The-Making ‘Boyhood’ Is Great If You Like Trying Really Hard Not To Cry

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Richard Linklater's 12-years-in-the-making 'Boyhood' is like all the joy of parenthood without all the hassle of finding a breeder or background checks.

the new yorker

When Richard Linklater Has Business To Tend To In LA He Goes And Immediately Gets The Hell Out

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In its newest issue, The New Yorker profiles Richard Linklater. It's a must-read for fans of the writer/director.


The Killer From ‘Bernie’ Is Out Of Prison And Moving Into Richard Linklater’s Garage

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Bernie Tiede, the subject of 'Bernie,' released after 15 years in prison, into the custody of Richard Linklater's apartment.


Richard Linklater Is Still Planning To Make A ‘Dazed And Confused’ Sequel This Year

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Director Richard Linklater has long desired to create what he refers to as a “spiritual sequel” for his 1993 classic Dazed and Confused, which focused on the fictional and hilarious high school hierarchy of Lee High School in Austin, Texas in 1976.


Kevin Smith Finds Another Excuse to Get Paid for Eating Doritos

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Don't look now, but Hulu (and Hulu Plus) is aiming to become a legitimate force in new and exclusive programming.

#emma stone


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Here's a rundown of some of today's "other" stories Everyone's reporting that Will and Jaden Smith's Karate Kid remake will be called Kung Fu Kid, even though this news is old as hell.

zac efron



As you can see, High School Musical star and real life wood nymph Zac Efron has gone and gotten himself a serious, no-jazz-hands-required acting job.

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