Because The World Wants To Watch More Entitled Rich Kids, Netflix Is Bringing Back ‘Richie Rich’

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Netflix is banking on people's residual affinity for 'Richie Rich' after announcing a new live-action series but will you watch?


Never See Bugs Bunny The Same Again With This Creative Blend Of Classic Animation And Consumer Branding

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Imagine a world where classic animation characters invaded the famous corporate logos we see everyday. Might not be so bad.

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Long Before Kanye’s BBC Moment, Tupac Had His Own Profanity-Filled Interview

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Towards the end of <a href="" target="_blank">part four</a> of Kanye's instant-classic BBC interview, he can be heard saying, "Not since Pac, right.

Where's Waldo

DreamWorks Acquired Classic Media, Will Reboot Our Childhoods

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Earlier this week, DreamWorks Animation spent a ton of money to make two tons of money, as the company purchased Classic Media and all of the popular animated titles that come with it.

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Too $hort – “Magazine Girl” x “I Got Caught” x “Hog Ridin'” Videos


Should <a href="">$hort Dog</a> let the cat out of the bag and state that he's coming out with a video for every song on No Trespassing, no surprise should be found on the faces on anyone who's been paying attention as of late.

Town Bidness 2

Richie Rich Feat. Devin The Dude – “Blow Mine”

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So what if <a href="">Richie Rich</a> is old enough to be your pops.


The Gift Of Gab: Five Legendary Tupac Interviews

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"What can I say, even the realest n*ggas quote Pac.


Mack & Malone Feat. Richie Rich – “Dear D.E.A.” Video

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<a href=""> Hoo-Bangin' Records has no disregard for those trying to get in the way of their cash flow. Even if that means including those silver-haired civil servants who carry M9's and wear those windbreaker jackets with yellow lettering printed on the back. Some would call it an open invitation for the feds to raid your spot, but Mack 10 and Glasses Malone simply call it Money Music. For their first act of anti-indictment action, they call up the O.G. Richie Rich to poison the cheese for rats and snitches alike. Pay to play for the duo's new LP on <a href="">iTunes</a> or <a href="">Amazon</a> now.

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