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A Reporter Asked Herman Cain About Rick Ross Having A Seizure, For Some Reason


So there's a video that was making the rounds late yesterday afternoon and last night showing Herman Cain flat-out losing his sh*t when reporters insisted on asking him questions about the <a href="">burgeoning sexual harassment scandal</a> he <a href="">currently finds himself swept up in</a>.

Rick Ross Is Not Well

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When I read<a href=""> that utterly insane GQ profile </a>of him a few weeks ago, I remember thinking to myself, "How long can Rick Ross continue to live 'like a boss'".

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GQ’s Rick Ross Profile Is Absolutely Bonkers

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I really don't know how else else to say this to why even bother getting fancy with words: <a href="">GQ's profile of Rick Ross in its new issue</a> is the most stunningly WTF.

The Kreayshawn/Rick Ross Rap Beef Appears To Be Over Before It Even Started, Sadly

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In my brief time as editor around these parts, I have done everything humanly possible to avoid the mere mention of Kreayshawn's name, mainly because the mere mention of Kreayshawn's name inspires me to stab myself in the eye repeatedly with a toothpick.

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