Walt Live


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DJ Burn One hardly ever steers his listeners wrong and his latest deliverable comes in the form of iNDEEDface, from his 5 Points Music Group band, iNDEED.

Walt Live

DJ Burn One Presents iNDEED – “Black Tears”


Rarely has DJ Burn One's production steered us wrong and it's no time to start now.

Walt Live

5 Points Music Group Discusses Their Origins

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They could easily create a "Shit Rap Guys Say" YouTube clip and fill it with commonly heard euphemisms artists rattle off in interviews.

Ricky Fontaine

P. Dukes Feat. Ricky Fontaine – “Save Me A Prayer” Video

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"I'm hoping that I can get it right and change it all, Before Judgment Day arrives and my name is called.


FKi Feat. Ricky Fontaine – “Weed And Arizonas” Video

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Since Bone Thugs opt not to make any ode-to-indo anthems these days, FKi figured it would be the perfect opportunity to slide in and get a little Zoolandish with the music.

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