“They’re Royal Highness'”: NBA Players & Marijuana

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Remembering the Beastie Boys' MCA means also to recall the group's short-lived, but memorable mag, Grand Royal.

Yung Berg

5.21 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Shaq Has A New Becky <a href="">[Hip-Hop Honey]</a> Daunte Culpepper Is UFL-Bound <a href="">[With Leather]</a> Megan Fox Out Of Transformers, Who Will Wash Michael Bay’s Ferrari.


5.20 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Miss Ksyn Weird Science: R.I.P. Limewire (2001-2010) <a href="">[Team.Yee]</a> The Five Most Popular Celebrities You've Never Heard Of <a href="">[Pajiba]</a> Limited Edition Ricky Powell Tees <a href="">[StreetLevel]</a> Skateboarder Ruins Skateboard, Among Other Things <a href="">[With Leather]</a> Why is Justin Bieber Nominated for a BET Award.

Ricky Powell

“Smart Dumb Aggins…”

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<a href=""> Why the picture? Paradox. Plus the fact that Neilthe206King has been putting me on to some nice Ricky Powell photos. This one..."Sophisticated Bums" Spizzy put me on to this one album though. And it's been stuck ever since. A beautiful fusion of funk with jazz ideals and instrumentation. But don't those two genres sorta clash? Jazz = Cool, laidback. Funk = In your face, brash, loud. Melodic. Harsh and cutting at times. Isn't that a paradox of some sort? Either way, this some of the illest sounds ever created by music. <a href=""> <a href="">Herbie Hancock - Headhunters</a> I'm not the biggest Christmas freak but I do enjoy the holidays.

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