Canada’s New Military Rifle Is Straight Out Of A Video Game

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The Canadian military has a rifle of the future, and it was probably designed by James Cameron.

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What A Video Game Fiasco Tells Us About Gaming’s Toxic Corporate Culture

By | 25 Comments

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' is not on Xbox One. Yet it is. And that's a sign of how toxic gaming's corporate culture has become.


Engaged Power Couple Puts Together The Most Ridiculously Insane, Over The Top ‘Save The Date’ Video

By | 32 Comments

A high-profile San Francisco power couple put together a ridiculous, high production 'save the date' video with helicopters and everything.


Adobe Wants You To Pay $90 A Year To Make PDFs On Your iPad

By | 5 Comments

Adobe thinks you're willing to pay $90 for something a website can do for free. Again.


Pissing Match Between Websites Exaggerated Into Webpocalypse

By | 3 Comments

Spamhaus and CyberBunker are at war, and if you listen to the hype, it might break the Internet. Here's why you shouldn't listen to the hype.


New Vest Will Give You A Hug Every Time Somebody Likes Your Status


You know, in case you don't have a smart phone and don't mind looking like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.


You Probably Have More Computer Storage Than The Drug Enforcement Administration

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Your average laptop comes in at roughly 500GB to 1TB of space standard.

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Fifteen Things Video Games Are Supposed To Be Killing


It's getting to the point of absurdity: video games are officially the go-to excuse for people who don't want to admit something staring them right in the face.


Facebook Business Cards Are Not A Joke After All


It sounds like an Onion article: A startup has decided to turn your Facebook timeline into paper for easier offline distribution.


Google, Writers Back To Hating Each Other Again


Intellectual property arguments are almost always clusterf*cks.


Who’s the Dim Bulb In South Carolina?

By | 4 Comments

South Carolina has some problems right now: it's got a ten percent unemployment rate, a bit higher than the national average, with flat job growth.

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